Alec Tackmann

Alec Tackmann of Rochester, MN, wrote and published the percussion instructional books GoAndPractice, featuring Fundamental Vocabulary for the Able Percussionist, Rudimental Vocabulary for the Progressive Drummer, and Drum Set Vocabulary for the Advanced Performer. Visit

Roman Pettigrew

Roman Pettigrew of Burlington, VT, is currently a post-baccalaureate student at the University of Vermont preparing for medical school. His story of changing direction from music to medicine was chronicled at

Andrew Simon McAllister

Andrew Simon McAllister of Belfast Down, UK, received a Royal Television Awards nomination for his music on the BBC World War I drama series 37 Days, starring Ian McDiarmid, Nicholas Farrell, and Tim Pigott-Smith.

Magda Giannikou

Magda Giannikou and her band Banda Magda are funding their third album, a multimedia project titled Tigre! via PledgeMusic. Visit

Trent Campbell

Trent Campbell of Denver, CO, and Kyle Ayervais released the EP Greens with their electro-funk-hip-hop group Tnertle. Visit

Sven Atterton

Sven Atterton of Braintree, Great Britain, released his debut album The Cove on Omega Supreme Records. Visit

Carley Martin Verbeck

Carley Martin Verbeck ’08 and Michael Verbeck
Carley Martin Verbeck ’08 and Michael Verbeck

Carley Martin Verbeck of Chicago, IL, and Mark Verbeck released a second Scotch Hollow album, Raging Bull in the Chicken Wire Pen, featuring original blues-country roots music. Visit

Nico Soffiato

Guitarist Nico Soffiato of Brooklyn, NY, released Reverse Angle, his second duo album with trumpeter Josh Deutsch. Visit

Laurynn Scholar

Laurynn Scholar of Novata, CA, works at a recreational center for senior citizens and performs weekly with the Mill Valley Seniors for Peace. Visit

Myoung Woo Nam

Myoung Woo Nam of Seoul, South Korea, is a senior sound designer at Samsung Electronics. Nam worked with Yun Jae Lee ’09 on the Galaxy 6 design.