Fred Lipsius

Associate professor Fred Lipsius released the album Improvisations, a series of unaccompanied recordings of 18 tunes.

Sheldon Mirowitz

Professor Sheldon Mirowitz scored two films: Design for Discovery, a Museum of Science Boston film about the NASA space missions; and Seduction Theory, a short film by Steve Ascher and Jeannie Jordan.

Pratt Bennet

Assistant professor Pratt Bennet had his novel Raising Sleeping Stones published as an interactive iOS app that includes a two-hour score by alumni Leo Langinger and João Luis.

Suzanne Clark and Ivan Sever

In November, associate professors Suzanne Clark and Ivan Sever presented the class “John Lennon: A Working Class Hero” to the Harvard Institute for Learning in Retirement.

Richard Boulanger

Richard Boulanger
Richard Boulanger

Professor Richard Boulanger had his piece “Symphonic Muse for Processed French Horn and Leap Motion Controller” performed by the Berklee Contemporary Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Francisco Noya, with guest horn soloist Gus Sebring. Boulanger invented the controller. Visit

Jon Forsyth

Assistant professor Jon Forsyth had a video titled Dancing at Saint-Rémy selected for display on the Boston Convention Center marquee. Visit

Jon Damian

Professor Jon Damian produced The Apple Stew Suite (a musical look at a day in the life of New York City) and An Operetta for Isabel Rose featuring Allan Chase, Bob Nieske, Ralph Rosen, and John Voight.

Jan Donley

Associate professor Jan Donley was featured in Boston magazine for her series of MBTA subway drawings created using iPad software. Visit

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