Saturday Injury Screening Appointments Added

New DAY Added for Injury Screenings - students only:

Saturday, November 21, 10am, 10:30am; 11am; 11:30am; 12 noon; 12:30pm; 1pm; 1:30pm

Reserve your appointment by emailing - Please send 2 times that work for you.

Physical Therapy

Workshops and One-on-One Sessions

Avoid Performance Injuries + How to Heal Them

Reminder: Musical Theater Auditions


The Berklee Contemporary Musical Theater Initiative (CMTI) announces a group Spring audition for the following shows:


2 credit ensemble class

Spring 2016 Show: City of Angels

for information contact Rene Pfister



2 credit class

Winners of the Massachusetts Conference for Women 2015 Raffle

Congratulations to the winners of the 2015 Massachusetts Conference for Women Raffle!

And the winners are:

Ashley Rhodes

Catherine Sorrentino

Sharon Lynch

Wendy Young

Abria Smith

Gosia Torzecka

Alexia Rosari

Lindsay Yost

Linda Embardo

Monique Villalona

Deidre Bairstow-Allen

Arielle Schwalm

Liz Hutchinson

Denise Rich

Ty-Juana Flores

Cynthia Bethune

Cathy Horn

Marian Wilson

Sara Tomasetti

Maureen McMullen

Reminder Chillin' Wit Da Chair of Harmony - Monday November 9, 2015

Chillin' Wit Da Chair of Harmony will meet on Monday November 9, 2015 from 1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. in classroom 126 at 150 Massachusetts Ave. All Harmony levels are welcome to attend the weekly Monday sessions with George Russell Jr. For more information please visit Chillin' Wit Da Chair.


Spring 2016 Registration: Online November 16 through December 2 at MyBerklee

The Office of the Registrar has scheduled the spring 2016 registration event for November 16 through December 2 online at MyBerklee (

Registration appointment times have been sent to over 4,500 undergraduate students attending both the Boston and Valencia campuses.

Full information regarding spring 2016 registration can be found in the online Registration Manual, including:

Berklee Interdisciplinary Arts Institute

The Berklee Interdisciplinary Arts Institute (BIAI) is now accepting applications for admissi

Spring 2016 Registration: November 16 through December 2 at MyBerklee

Online registration for spring 2016 takes place November 16 – December 2 at MyBerklee.

When your assigned time to register arrives, log in to and select “Search and Register for Classes” in the Registration section to register for courses. After selecting your courses, use “View/Change Schedule” to confirm your choices were registered.

Information on Fire Alarms

Recent fire alarms have prompted questions on exit paths and protocol for evacuating buildings. 

130–136–150 Massachusetts Avenue