Aishwary Narolia

Aishwary Narolia MA’14 of Ahmedabad, India is working with Fathom Events in Los Angeles, CA, on international music acquisition and crossover paths for Bollywood movies. Nariola also operates the booking agency musiCulture. Visit

Jared Horne

Jared Horne MM’14 is working in Los Angeles doing freelance film and commercial composing. He recently completed a short animated film and some short live action projects entered into local festivals. Visit

Mikaella Allen

Mikaella Allen MA’14 is a casting assistant at House Casting (Milk Studios) in addition to her work as an assistant at ThinkSay Records in Brooklyn, NY.

Alper Tuzcu

Danielle Angeloni ’15 and Alper Tuzco ’15

Alper Tuzcu of Brookline, MA and Danielle Angeloni of the band Aigua were selected by Reverbnation’s A&R team to appear at the Youbloom Festival in Los Angeles in December 2015.

Amy Allen

Amy Allen of South Portland, ME, and her group Amy & the Engine released their debut EP TandeMania. The band features Sophia Christopher’15, Marton Bisets ’14, Vinny da Silva ’10, and Shareef Addo ’15. Visit

Zoya Mohan

Zoya Mohan of Newport Beach, CA, released the album Zoya: Plugged In, an electronic remix compilation whose proceeds will go to provide electricity and other infrastructure to schools in Udaipur, India. Visit

Maria Goulamhoussen

Maria Goulamhoussen ’14

Maria Goulamhoussen of Studio City, CA, is an audio producer for Disney Interactive, doing sound design and music for mobile apps and games. She also worked on the film Forward Side Close!, which was featured at the Hollywood Film Festival.

Miguel Coiz

Miguel Coiz of Madrid, Spain, recorded and edited the ADR for the English version of the Mexican animated film Un Gallo Con Muchos Huevos.

Shon Boublil

Shon Boublil of Montreal, Quebec, is a first-year graduate student in biophysics at Concordia University.

Ben Talmi

Ben Talmi of Pittsfield, MA, had his song “I Know It’s True” featured in the Microsoft campaign “The Ones Who Will Do Great Things.” It is featured on Talmi’s latest album My Art of Almost. Visit