Charlie Worsham

In November, Charlie Worsham of Nashville, TN, will perform a seven-city tour of the UK. Visit

Dan Cutler

Dan Cutler of New Orleans, LA, plays bass for the Deslondes, whose album was released on June 9. It was featured on NPR’s “First Listen” program.

Timothy Driscoll

Timothy Driscoll of Austin, TX, and his band Dead Earth Politics won the Austin Chronicle’s award for best erforming band: metal for the third straight year. In March they released the EP Men Become Gods. Visit

Sam Warshaw

Sam Warshaw of Tamarac, FL, and his wife work in the cruise entertainment industry. His company Warshaw Entertainment casts musicians for jobs on cruise ships. Visit

Hadi Sumoro

Hadi Sumoro of Philadelphia, PA, launched HX Audio Lab, LLC, which provides audio/acoustics consulting services. He works in studio design, loudspeaker design, and electro-acoustic optimization. Visit

Rodrigo Bonelli

Rodrigo Bonelli of Brooklyn, NY, released a jazz septet album titled Septet Works. The group has received airplay on some 50 radio stations worldwide. Visit

Justin Purtill

Justin Purtill of Grass Valley, CA, released a new album of improvisational folk music entitled The Sun in Splendor on Constant Clip Records. It is available on Bandcamp, iTunes, and CDBaby. Visit

Nathalia Palis

Nathalia Palis ’04
Nathalia Palis ’04

Nathalia Palis of Stevenson Ranch, CA, is a bilingual children’s songwriter and performer. She released her second album Dream a Little (Sueña un Poquito) and has been featured on Univision and The Talk (CBS). Visit

Roy Assaf

Roy Assaf of New York, NY, started a company called C-PLNR (pronounced “C-planner”), offering career planning, group workshops, personal style, and more. Visit

Slava Tolstoy

Slava Tolstoy of Natick, MA, Ippei Ichimaru ’98, and Ben Powell ’09 form the International String Trio, and recently toured the West Coast.