Wendy Rolfe

Professor Wendy Rolfe was featured at the First International Flute Festival “Perla del Pacifico” in Guayaquil, Ecuador. She performs regularly with Boston’s Handel and Haydn Society.

Bob Winter

Professor Bob Winter performed with the Boston Pops last summer and released a solo piano CD.

Walter Beasley

The single “I’m Back” by professor Walter Beasley spent two weeks at number one on the Billboard contemporary jazz chart.

Michael Farquharson

Professor Michael Farquharson is working on a Brazilian music album for Larry Monroe (with Matthew Nicholl and Donna McElroy), plus a rock album by Damien Bracken and Jason Camelio and an album of original music with Nicholl.

Joe Stump

Associate professor Joe Stump released the instrumental guitar album The Dark Lord Rises.

Jim Kelly

In November 2015, Jim Kelly and Jim Odgren led a workshop in the Dominican Republic with alumnus Javier Vargas.

Gaye Tolan Hatfield

Professor Gaye Tolan Hatfield and associate professor Brad Hatfield are the composers for the show The Young and the Restless.

Andy Edelstein

Associate professor Andy Edelstein and his Rapid Eye Music studio were featured in the June 2015 issue of Mix magazine.

Felice Pomeranz

Professor Felice Pomeranz will appear at this summer’s Jazz Harp Federation festival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Alison Plante

Film scoring assistant chair Alison Plante composed and produced a work for orchestra that was conducted and recorded by the Hollywood Chamber Orchestra and narrated by radio host Meghna Chakrabarti.