Dave Askren

Doug Hammer ’89
Doug Hammer ’89

Dave Askren of Monrovia, CA, released the album It’s All About the Groove, featuring Jeff Benedict, Ramon Banda, and John Belzaguy.

Liz Ficalora

Liz Ficalora of Chappaqua, NY, released the book How to Write a Fast & Easy Drum Chart through Alfred Publishing. She teaches drumming master classes and was featured in the October issue of Tom Tom magazine. Visit www.easydrumchart.com.

Ernie Dewing

Ernie Dewing of Edgartown, MA, and his band Propergander released the new album Wide Open.

Tony Corman

Tony Corman and Laura Klein of Berkeley, CA, have released Five and More, the third CD by the group, FivePlay Jazz Quintet. It features former Berklee faculty members Alan Hall and Ted Wolff. Visit www.fiveplayjazz.com.

Jerry Tachoir

In January, Jerry Tachoir and Marlene (Desbiens) Tachoir ’77 released the album Stories (by the Jerry Tachoir Group), with songs written by Marlene and featuring Roy Vogt, Danny Gottlieb, Rich Adams ’82, and Beth Gottlieb. Visit www.tachoir.com.

Mark Howell

In April, Mark Howell of Lemoore, CA, will participate in the panel discussion “Archaeological Approaches to Sound and Human Experience” at the 2014 Society for American Archaeology meeting in Austin, TX. He is also the director of the Winterville Mounds Park and Museum in Greenville, MS.

Frank Potenza

Frank Potenza ’72
Frank Potenza ’72
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Bob Barry/Jazzography

Guitarist Frank Potenza of Lakewood, CA, released the album For Joe, a tribute to the late Joe Pass. Potenza is a professor and chair of the studio and jazz guitar program at the University of Southern California. Visit www.frankpotenza.com.

Larry Ripley

Following a career as a musician and bandleader in the greater New York area, Larry Ripley of Morris Plains, NJ, is semi-retired. He now focuses on his 20-plus-member, multi-generational family band.

Joe DeRose

Joe DeRose of Lahaina, HI, retired after a distinguished career as a music educator and performer in New England. At the age of 75, he has opened a private music teaching studio in Hawaii.

Berklee YouTube Hack Day

Don't miss Berklee YouTube Hack Day this weekend at the BPC. As a Berklee student, you get exclusive access to this event, including the 21-hour video project. Read more at berklee.edu/hack-day.