Ken Cervenka

Ken Cervenka
Ken Cervenka

Professor Ken Cervenka and guitarist Peter Eigenmann released the CD Launching.

John Stein

Associate Professor John Stein released the album Emotion with the Mingotan Project, featuring John Lockwood.

Caroline Harvey

Assistant Professor Caroline Harvey was chosen for the 2014 Steelgrass Residency in Kauai, HI. She will also be a resident poet on “The Girl Project” in Lexington, KY.

Kris Adams

Professor Kris Adams released the album Longing, featuring numerous Berklee faculty members.

Victor Wallis

Professor Victor Wallis wrote “Song and Vision in the U.S. Labor Movement” for Sounds of Resistance: The Role of Music in Multicultural Activism.

Darla Hanley

Dean Darla Hanley presented “Jazz Standards of Love” and “Taking Care of Business” at LICEU Conservatory in Barcelona. She also authored articles for the 2014 Resource Handbook for Academic Deans.

Kathleen Howland

Music Therapy Professor Kathleen Howland gave the lecture “Music and the Brain” at the Panama Jazz Festival.

Christine Fawson

Assistant Professor Christine Fawson released the CD My Side, featuring Dino Govoni, Ricardo Monzon, and Scott Tarulli.

George S. Clinton

Film Scoring Chair George S. Clinton was named an ambassador to the Society of Composers & Lyricists.

Beth Woodcome Platow

Assistant Professor Beth Woodcome Platow won the 2013 Beyond Baroque Poetry Prize for her poem “My Own Tonnage,” which was published in Agni, Salamander, and Better magazines.