Neil Leonard

Professor Neil Leonard composed “Du Long” (voice, saxophone, electronics) for the National Dance and Music Troupe of China, Beijing. 

Ken Zambello

Professor Ken Zambello interviewed Pete Townshend on stage at the Berklee Performance Center about his autobiography Who I Am.

Steven Kirby, Ed Lucie, Mike Connors

In January, faculty members Steven Kirby (guitar), Ed Lucie (bass), and Mike Connors (drums) toured California giving concerts and workshops.

Roberta Radley

Ear Training Department Assistant Chair Roberta Radley and the Sisters of Swing released the CD Swing-a-Jing-a-Lingin’ Songs for the Holidays. Visit 

Craig Hlady

Associate Professor Craig Hlady is heard on the CD Ready, with the Brian Kelley Trio.

Sabato "Tino" D'Agostino

Sabato “Tino” D’Agostino won the Goldin Award for Excellence in Education. He also led the Arlington, MA, High School Honors Orchestra on a concert tour of Europe. 

Mark Simos

Associate Professor of Songwriting Mark Simos wrote the title cuts for Missy Werner’s Three Kinds of Lonesome and Ricky Skaggs’s Music to My Ears albums. 

Rebecca Perricone

Associate Professor of Liberal Arts Rebecca Perricone released the CD Burgundy Brew featuring songs written by Songwriting Department Chair Jack Perricone and various collaborators.

Peter Gardner

Professor Peter Gardner’s book New Directions: Reading, Writing, and Critical Thinking is in its second edition, 18th printing. It is used in 20 countries.