Lane Martin


Flutist Lance Martin of Boston, MA, released Physical Jazz, a new CD with the Lance Martin Band. He teaches jazz flute at Wellesley College and is publishing a jazz method titled Nu Jazz Flute Improvisations.


Debra Mann


Vocalist and pianist Debra Mann of Barrington, RI, released Home, a new CD featuring eight original jazz-pop songs. She produced the disc with her husband, Don Morton. Visit


Kathleen Heywood


Kathleen Heywood of Newburyport, MA, is the music director of the First Parish Church of Newbury, MA, and teaches in the Newburyport public schools.


Scott Robinson

Saxophonist Scott Robinson and bassist and psychophysiologist Julian Thayer '79 are featured in the new PBS film The Science of Healing, which premiered in September. The musical portions were filmed at Scott's ScienSonic Laboratories in New Jersey and at a lab at Columbia University in New York City.

Sirabhorn "Ti" Muntarbhorn

Guitarist Sirabhorn "Ti" Muntarbhorn of North Hollywood, CA, interviewed Woodstock organizer Michael Lang while researching the festival's 40th anniversary.

Constance Kirchbaum


Flutist Constance Kirschbaum of White House, TN, coaches the Heritage High School Band and is a fast-pitch softball umpire and player. She and her husband have a college-age child.


Wayne Potash


Singer/songwriter Wayne Potash of Easton, MA, released the CD A Day in the Life, a mini-opera of 24 original songs for children. Guest musicians include Don Heord, Tad Hitchcock, Len Rabinowitz, and Valerie Walton. Visit

Lulu Martin

Keyboardist Lulu Martin of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, was featured on the posthumous release O Rio e o Mar by the late Marcio Montarroyos '72 and on Groove by drummer Alfredo Dias Gomes.

Emil Viklicky

Emil Viklicky of Prague, Czech Republic, released Sinfonietta-The Janacek of Jazz on Venus Records in Japan. The CD features bassist George Mraz and drummer Lewis Nash. Visit