Daniela Schächter

Assistant professor of voice Daniela Schächter appeared on Marian McPartland’s Piano Jazz show.

Apostolos Paraskevas

Professor of Apostolos Paraskevas premiered two movies: one as a director and one as an actor at a film festival in Greece. His piece “An Orange” was recorded by the duo Lagrimosa Beltà. 

Kathryn Wright, Louis Stewart

Voice Professor Kathryn Wright and Composition Professor Louis Stewart gave master classes and performances at the China Conservatory of Music. 

Jorrit Dijkstra

Associate Professor Jorrit Dijkstra started a record label called Driff Records. Visit www.driffrecords.com. 

Jan Shapiro

Voice Professor Jan Shapiro released Piano Bar After Hours featuring Bob Winter, Tim Ray, Daniela Schächter, Russ Hoffman, and Joey Blake. 

Freddie Bryant

Guitar Professor Freddie Bryant released the CD Freddie Bryant + Kaleidoscope: Live Grooves . . . Epic Tales. He also received a Berklee recording grant for a new project. 

John Stein

Associate Professor John Stein released the album Bing Bang Boom!, featuring bassist John Lockwood. 

Jerry Leake

Associate Professor of Percussion Jerry Leake released the CD Prominence featuring Associate Professor Randy Roos, Associate Professor Stan Strickland, and Associate Professor Paul Stiller.

George Howard

Associate Professor George Howard was interviewed by several media outlets about the Pandora Internet Radio Fairness Act.

Tiger Okoshi

Professor Tiger Okoshi brought Bruno Råberg, Daniela Schächter, Mike Tucker, and Mark Walker to teach at the Hokkaido Groove Jazz  Camp in Sapporo, Japan.