Dennis Keating

Dennis Keating of Rancho Cordova, CA, is working on a Louis Armstrong tribute and will embark on a 10-month Korean cruise ship gig to Japan and China. He is also a freelance musician in Las Vegas and northern California. Visit

Laura Dreyer

Saxophonist, flutist and composer Laura Dreyer of New York City released the CDFree Flying Bird on Piloo Records, which is distributed by Sony Premium Latin. It's available at CD Baby, iTunes, and Amazon.

David Young

David Young of Decatur, GA, conducts drum circles in the Georgia public-school system as part of a school counseling program. He authored the books Skits, Raps & Poems for the School Counselor and Sing Along Guidance.

Rick Stone

Guitarist Rick Stone of Brooklyn, NY, released his fifth album, Fractals, a trio album featuring a mix of original compositions and jazz standards. It also features Marco Panascia '02 on bass. Visit

Anthony J. Resta

Anthony J. Resta of Westford, MA, and his band Electrons wrote music for a seven-minute film for David Lynch and for the TV show Burn Notice. He is also coproducing the new Michael Chiklis Band album, released a remix of the Duran Duran single "Girl Panic!," and co-wrote the Minky Starshine single "Cinematic Mojo." Visit


Frank Macchia

Saxophonist and composer Frank Macchia of Burbank, CA, arranged and produced his band Swamp Thang's new self-titled album. Other alumni in the band include Eric Jensen '79 and Tom Lockett '80. Visit

Win Bent

Win Bent of Austin, TX, recorded a new album of ambient instrumental music, which is titled Wet Weather Creek. It is available at iTunes and Amazon.

Gail Jhonson

Gail Jhonson of Van Nuys, CA, released her fourth CD, Her Story. Visit

Dominique Eade

Vocalist Dominique Eade released her sixth CD, Whirlpool, a duo album featuring pianist Ran Blake. For more information, visit

Emil Viklicky

Pianist and composer Emil Viklicky of Prague, Czech Republic, received his country's Medal of Merit from President Vaclav Klaus. Viklicky also helped establish a jazz concert series at Prague Castle.