Bob Malone: Road Warrior

Peter Gordon

For an indie artist, the path to lasting success is often long, built on perseverance and a commitment to the music. Exhibit A is Bob Malone ’87.

Alumni Profile: Ruslan Sirota '03

Adam Renn Olenn

“It wasn’t until we were sitting in the seats that I realized we could actually win,” says Ruslan Sirota ’03 of his experience at the 2011 Grammy Awards.

Berklee Today Spring 2013

Berklee's Korean Legacy; Alumni Leaders in Seoul's Music Industry / The Pursuit of Royalties / Late Night - Live! / Attitude or Altitude ?

Helder Tsnine

Helder Tsinine of Dorchester, MA, became the sixth winner of the Peacedriven award for his song "Va Gumulelana." Visit

Lorena Batista Perez

Drummer Lorena Batista Perez of Boston, MA, plays with the band Modabeat (formerly El Frente). Visit

Zoe Hillengas

Zoe Hillengas of Philadelphia, PA, is the executive assistant and teaching artist for Play On, Philly. The organization provides music instruction to students in challenging socioeconomic conditions. Visit

Ryan Harris Brown

Ryan Harris Brown of Dalton, PA, released The Trail, his first record of original music and lyrics. In early 2012, he plans to relocate to Nashville. Visit

Aishu Venkataraman

Aishu Venkataraman of Long Beach, CA, produced "Divine Strings: A Benefit Concert for Bhopal" at Tufts University. The event raised money for the International Campaign for Justice in Bhopal.

Susanna Risberg

In February 2012, guitarist Susanna Risberg of Gothenburg, Sweden, will tour with the Swedish pop group Full of Keys and goth-pop artist Henric de la Cour. She will also record an album with her jazz trio in the spring and a duo album with guitarist Erik Weissglas.

Kazuyo Kuriya

Kazuyo Kuriya of Elmhurst, NY, released her first album, Impressions, featuring Jordan Seigel '10, Keita Ogawa '07, and Fernando Huergo '92. Visit