Clem Fung

Clem Fung of Hong Kong, China, and the RubberBand released a new album in April. The group was nominated for a Hong Kong Film International Academy best original song award.

Paco Charlín

Paco Charlín of Pontevedra, Spain, released the album The Night Queen. Visit

Oscar Peñas

Oscar Peñas ’99
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Jimmy Katz

Oscar Peñas of Brooklyn, NY, released the album Music of Departures and Returns, with Sara Caswell, Moto Fukushima ’03, Richie Barshay, Gil Goldstein ’69, Paquito D’Rivera, and Esperanza Spalding ’05. Visit

Ryan Link

Ryan Link of New York City, NY is the emcee for the musical Once, playing numerous instruments and serving as understudy for the male lead. Visit

Laura Crane

Laura Crane (aka Lalo) of Valley Village, CA, and Kyler England ’00 perform as the duo Freckles. They released the children’s album Be My Friend, which features numerous Berklee alumni. Visit

Gilad Barkan

Gilad Barkan of Brookline, MA, scored the Mayeta Clark film The Final Note. It was recently screened at the Winter Film Awards film festival in New York City.

Daniel Maudonnet

Daniel Maudonnet ’98Composer and pianist Daniel Maudonnet of São Paulo, Brazil, released his debut album Pescador with the Daniel Maudonnet Noneto. Visit

Tanisha Hall

Tanisha Hall of Los Angeles, CA, opened White Hall Arts Academy, offering instruction in music, dance, and drama, and mentoring inner-city youth. In its second year of operation, the academy instructs more than 100 students. Visit

Sarah Sharp

Sarah Sharp of Austin, TX, and the Jitterbug Vipers (including Masumi Jones) were on NPR’s Song Travels with Michael Feinstein. Sharp is also part of the duo Kaliyo. Visit

Pedro Bromfman

Pedro Bromfman of Los Angeles, CA, is scoring the reboot of RoboCop, working with Sebastian Morton ’97 and Gustavo Borner ‘89