Grace Kelly

Saxophonist Grace Kelly of Brookline, MA, released the CD Grace Kelly Live at Scullers featuring Professor Mark Walker (drums) and Berklee students Eric Law (cello), Zach Brown (bass), and (vocalists) Chantale Sterling and Jaime Woods. Visit

Tetsuro Hoshii

In July, Tetsuro Hoshii of Yachiyo-Shi Chiba, Japan, had his work titled Life of Birds, written for the Boston Cello Quartet, premiered at Seiji Ozawa Hall at Tanglewood in Lenox, MA. 

Tom Harrison

Tom Harrison of Los Angeles, CA, was quoted by the Royal Shakespeare Company on its Twitter page. He wrote a song using the text from Shakespeare’s “Sonnet 130,” which the London 2012 World Shakespeare Festival uses on its website. Visit 

Samantha Gillogly

In January, violinist Samantha Gillogly of West Brookfield, MA, and pianist Tim Maurice ’09, released the album Celtic Chamber Music. In March the album was ranked third in digital download sales in the Chamber Music and Traditional British & Celtic Folk categories on 

Nick Dolan

Nick Dolan of Portland, OR, is a composer for film and video games. He is currently composing and designing sound for a PC game and a soundtrack for iTunes. Visit 

Kate Smeal, Scott Nanos, Jeff Price

Kate Smeal of Oakland, CA, Scott Nanos ’11 and Jeff Price ’09 are members of the band Mornin’ Old Sport. They released their self-titled debut album in July. Visit 

Sam Reifman-Packett

Sam Reifman-Packett of Allston, MA, and his band Biscuits & Gravy released the album Hello Weekend. The band is made up entirely of Berkee alumni. 

Jay Pellizzi

Jay Pellizzi of Hicksville, NY, is a composer and mixer at HOThead Productions. He works on sound design, music composition, and mixing for TV, advertising, and film. Visit

Tavonna Miller

In February, Tavonna Miller of Allston, MA, released her debut album Peace, Love & the Lack Thereof. Visit

Patrik Gochez

Patrik Gochez of Cambridge, MA, released the album Heavy Loader in August through his label and publishing company, ReddenSongs. Visit