Jody Espina of Savannah

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Jody Espina '83
Jody Espina '83

Jody Espina of Savannah, GA, spoke at a recent TEDx event. He is the founder and president of JodyJazz Inc., a manufacturer of woodwind mouthpieces. Visit Caption: Jody Espina ’83

Benjamin Smeall

Violinist Benjamin Smeall of Green Bay, WI, posted a version of the Andean folk song “Jaku ripusun Witaweñita” on YouTube.

Gene Nakanishi

Gene Nakanishi of Las Vegas, NV, coproduced and performed on the CD The Jake Project Band, featuring Jake Sears on vocals.

K. Tyrone Jefferson

K. Tyrone Jefferson of Charlotte, NC, runs the nonprofit A Sign of the Times of the Carolinas, which won a John S. and James L. Knight Cultural Innovation Grant. Visit

Joseph Napolitano

Joseph Napolitano of Attleboro, MA, and his electronic music duo A Fifth Column, had their track “A Fifth Column” chosen for a compilation CD released on Russian Winter Records.

Freddie Franken


Freddie Franken ’81
Freddie Franken ’81

Freddie Franken of Wilmington, IL, released the CD Portraits of Love. He is currently a professor at Olivet Nazarene University. Caption: Freddie Franken ’81

Laura Dreyer

Saxophonist Laura Dreyer of New York City released the CD Vida. Arte. Amor., featuring Mila Schiavo ’94, Bernardo Bosisio ’97 and Karen Rodriguez ’10. Visit

Tommy Lockett

Tommy Lockett of Chatsworth, CA, served as the music editor and composed source music for the film Jersey Boys.

Mike Sirkin

Woodwind player and keyboardist Mike Sirkin of North Hollywood, CA, released the ambient music album Concentric Circles. Visit

Lulu Martin

Pianist Lulu Martin of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, released the piano book O Som dos Acordes. He performs with Ithamara Koorax and composed music for the film Um Apólogo.