Healthy You Hats Off!

A number of our colleagues deserve a hats off for their HEALTHY YOU support and leadership.

Follow Yumi's Adventures

Discover how to protect your information through The Adventures of Yumi comic strip designed by Berklee students. Yumi gets into lots of situations, learn more about best practices and tips for keeping Berklee's information and your information safe. Meet the characters:

2014SU Tutors for EPD classes

To Students in EP classes,

This semester, we have tutors in case you need them:

Tutor for classes EP-220, 223, 225, 320, 321, 322, 341, 381
Zoe Zai <>

Atonal Solfege, Eclectic Electrics, and Shout-Outs to Professors

Imagine Dragons and Berklee professor Mark White

2014SU Tutor for MTEC-111 & 112

To MTEC-111, 112 students,

During this semester, we have a Music Technology Tutor available 15 hours a week in case you need tutoring for MTEC-111 and 112:

MTEC Tutor – Zoe Zai <>

McLean Hospital Seeking Participants for Research Studies

McLean Hospital is currently seeking participants for research studies. They are looking for healthy controls, current marijuana smokers, and former marijuana smokers.  Participants will receive up to $150 for two visits.


McLean Hospital, Belmont, MA
617 855-3653

Vans Establishes Full Scholarship

Margot Edwards

A maker of sports footwear and apparel go "Off the Wall."

Final Cadence

Farewell to beloved members of the Berklee community

Berklee Alumni Reunion: BPC Monitored Access during Rehearsals

Dear Berklee Community,

We are very excited about our first ever alumni devoted day of events on June 13, entitled "Bringing It Back To Berklee."

There is one specific mention regarding the BPC.

Come Watch a World Cup Game and Reserve Your Spot to Study Abroad in Spain this Fall!

Study Abroad invites you to come watch a World Cup Game at the Student Activities Center!

Free food, free drinks, and get a chance to win a FREE iPad mini. 

Wednesday, June 18