Bill Frisell

On April 19, guitarist Bill Frisell of Seattle, WA, was announced as a win- ner of a large cash award from the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation.

Bruce Garnitz

Bruce Garnitz of Los Angeles, CA, and his band performed on camera for an episode of the Cartoon Network TV show Childrens Hospital. Garnitz also released the CD Thin Ice. Visit

Jerry Velona

Jerry Velona of Arlington, MA, released the two-song CD Little Loaded, including a cover of the Beatles song “Little Child” and an original titled “Locked Out and Loaded.” Featured on the disc are Kevin Barry ’88, Marty Richards ’85, Anthony Vitti ’86, and Zac Casher ’90. Visit

Charlie Borzillire

After suffering a stroke, Charlie Borzillire of Silver Creek, NY, is awaiting a Selmer tenor saxophone adapted to allow access to the full range of the horn with only the left hand. Borzillire is a member of the New Horizons Band of Western New York.


Steve Sternberg

In December 2011, pianist Steve Sternberg of Tallahassee, FL, provided the music for the 1926 silent movie The Flying Ace featuring elements of popular music of the era. Visit


Robert Parr

Robert Parr of Argyle, TX, recorded and mixed the Sirius XM Radio broad- cast of “Live in the Vineyard.” He is currently producing an album for British blues artist Martin Harley.


Meral Guneyman

In February, pianist Meral Guneyman of Pennington, NJ, gave the West Virginia premiere of Justin Dello Joio’s Due per Due with cellist Solen Dikener. She has also recorded two duo albums with jazz pianist Dick Hyman. Guneyman is a Steinway artist. Visit

Faith Ozan

Faith Ozan of Laguna Beach, CA, teaches music to people with autism and runs a private teaching studio offering piano, percussion, singing, and movement instruction.


Dave Dubinsky

Dave Dubinsky of North Chelmsford, MA, played on the new CD by Rico Barr and the Jump ‘n’ Jive Review The Soul-Jazz Sessions. For more information, visit


Linn Brown

Singer/songwriter Linn Brown of Oakland, CA, was recently inter- viewed for the San Francisco Chronicle about providing music instruction for people with disabilities. Visit www.