Larry Forand

Larry Forand of Palm Beach, FL, died on April 19. He was 88. A former contributing professor at Berklee, Forand was also a respected trumpeter, music educator, and academic administrator in Massachusetts and Florida. As a performer, he toured with acts such as Tony Bennett, Diana Ross, Bobby Darin, and Johnny Mathis. He is survived by his wife, Norma; brother, Norman; daughters, Michele and Denise, and numerous grandchildren and great grandchildren. 

Vail Cerullo

Vail Cerullo ’11 died on June 18. He was 20. Originally from South Miami, FL, Cerullo attended Berklee as a vocal principal after graduating from the Hill School in Pottstown, PA. In addition to his parents, William W. and Lisabeth Marie (Belinn) Cerullo, he is survived by his sister, Casey, and brother, Jake; stepfather, Michael Schina; stepmother, Libby Cerullo; and stepbrothers, Zachary and Dominic Finkel.

Rick Britto

Rick Britto ’76 of New Bedford, MA, passed away on August 7. He was 57. Since 1997, Britto had been a faculty member at Wheaton College and the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth. He gave private lessons in piano and saxophone and taught numerous ensembles and classes in jazz theory and African-American music history. Britto also owned the record label TrineArc Music as well as Saurus Studio, where he produced a variety of radio, television, and digital projects. He is survived by his mother, Evelyn C. (Fermino) Britto, and his life partner, Kathy Crowley. 

Teal Barns

Teal Barns ’09 of San Francisco, CA, died on August 19. She was 22. A native of the Adirondack region, she appeared in shows in off-Broadway theaters, county fairs, and regional theaters such as the Lake Placid Center for the Arts. A vocalist and guitarist, Barnes relocated first to Austin, TX, and then California after attending Berklee. She worked as a field manager for Grassroots Campaigns Inc., and later for Workaway International. 

Joseph A. Abate Jr.

Joseph A. Abate Jr. ’59 of Farmington, CT, died on August 9. He was 74. In addition to studying at Berklee, Abate attended Brown University, Central Connecticut State University, and Harvard University. He was the president and CEO of Tilcon Tomasso Inc., where he worked until his retirement in 2003. Abate was an avid guitarist who played with groups such as Suite Roc and First Class. In addition to his wife, Marie, Abate is survived by his son, Dr. Joseph A. Abate III; daughters, Lynne Gagliardi, Joanne Couceiro, and Kristen Daigle; and numerous grandchildren.

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Ryan Fleming
Mark Small

These days there is much discussion about the importance of post–secondary school education and the value of a college degree. Stories about graduates from almost any college who are discovering their career paths always seem to involve intriguing twists and turns before the direction becomes clear. As life circumstances and opportunities come into focus, best-laid plans often readily morph. Many Berklee alumni earn their degrees and then find themselves on a trajectory that leads toward an area of music they hadn’t considered but that proves satisfying.

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Since its inception in 2002,—Berklee’s online continuing education school, and the largest online music school in the world—has educated a veritable army of professional musicians.