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In my new role as chief alumni affairs officer, one of my goals for the college is to strengthen alumni-student connections. One of my efforts will involve creating and supporting opportunities that enable students to hear from alumni who have encountered success in music and business, offering more of the real-world information which students often clamor for.

Tips from a Road-Tested Bebopper


Rhode Island-based saxophonist, flutist, and jazz composer Greg Abate '71 has enjoyed a busy career as a jazz sideman and headliner for more than three decades. He averages 150 nights a year on the road playing in several European countries and throughout the United States. Abate plays modern and hard bop, and in 1991-after years of touring with the Ray Charles Orchestra and then the Artie Shaw Orchestra-launched his solo career.

Some Rights Reserved

Andrew Clark

It's hard to believe, but at one time the biggest threat to the intellectual property of musicians was copying CDs. For a time, even bootleg-cassette copies of albums were a danger. It's even harder to believe that those days were just a little more than a decade ago.

Bright Lights in Europe

Mark Small

Bringing it

A Sense of History

Mark Small

Donald Harrison '81

Faculty Profile: David Fiuczynski

Adam Renn Olenn

A Guggenheim for a Microtonalist

Players Needed: Directed study, Latin pop/Rock Ensemble

Fall of 2014
For more info contact:
ENDS-400-005 Directed study, Latin pop/Rock ENS.
Playing the most representative artists on this genre, Santana, Mark Anthony, Shakira, Pitbull, Maná, Maia, Etc.
Wednesdays 9Am-10:50Am 1 credit level 4, Teacher approval is needed.
Needs: Male singer (Spanish/English), Keyboard, E.bass and Percussionists.

Players Needed: Afro-Cuban Traditional/Folkloric Ensemble

2) ENLT-223-001 Afro-Cuban traditional/folkloric
Cha-cha-chá, mambo, danzón, rumba and 6/8 styles
Thursdays 9Am-10:50 Am 1 credit, level 4, Register on line or teacher approval.
Needs: male singer, Piano, bass, keyboard, Flute, Trumpet, Alto sax, Trombone, Congas, Bongos, Timbales.

Players Needed: Merengue and Bachata Ensemble

Fall of 2014
For more info contact:

1) ENLT-400-001 Merengue and bachata Ensemble
The music of Juan Luis Guerra, Milly Quezada, La india, Etc.
1 Credit, Level 4, teacher approval is needed.
Thursdays, 11 Am-12:50 Pm
Needs: male and female singers, Keyboard, Accordion, Guitar, 2 Trumpets, Alto and Tenor saxes, Trombone, Flute, Congas, Timbales, Tambora, Guira,

The Checkout-Live at Berklee

Rob Hayes


WBGO Jazz 88.3 FM and Berklee College of Music are partnering to bring The Checkout, an acclaimed multimedia show featuring what's new on the New York jazz scene, to Berklee for live broadcasts of five concerts from Café 939. All five of The Checkout-Live at Berklee shows will bring critically acclaimed, New York-based performers back to their Berklee roots for performances that will be streamed worldwide on the NPR Music website, broadcast live in New York on WBGO Jazz 88.3 FM, and audio podcast on and on the NPR Music site.