Ben Klinger

Ben Klinger of Kent, WA, published the book Why We Play: A Guide to Finding the Right Piano. For more information visit 

Bryan Beller

In December, bassist Bryan Beller of Nashville, TN, and the Aristocrats released the CD/DVD Boing, We’ll Do It Live! The Aristocrats at Alvas Showroom

Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams of Arlington, MA, has been performing with a variety of acts including Boston and Jonathan Edwards among others. 

Veronica Petrucci

Veronica Petrucci of Franklin, TN, had her song “Hope” featured in the film Unconditional, starring Lynn Collins and Michael Ealy. Visit 

Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff

Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff of Chatsworth, CA, released the book Tearing Down the Wall: The Contemporary Guide to Decoding Pink Floyd—The Wall One Brick at a Time

Louis King

Composer Louis King of New York City has received several awards for his jingle music, including a Clio Award and a London International Award for Best Soundtrack for a commercial. Visit

Martha Colby

Cellist and vocalist Martha Colby of Yellowstone National Park, WY, is a house musician at Old Faithful in Yellowstone. She is also a member of the Lake String Quartet and made her debut as an orchestral soloist in Middletown, NY. Visit 

Stefan Cohen

Saxophonist Stefan Cohen of Berkeley, CA, is a chiropractor and operates a wellness studio with his wife. He plays in the Grove Valve Orchestra, which won first place in the Fortune Battle of the Corporate Bands, and he took the prize in the best horns category. 

Angela Wiggins

Angela Wiggins of Honolulu, HI, is performing regularly with her Latin jazz group.

Torben Waldorff

In September, Torben Waldorff of Malmö, Sweden, released the album Wah-Wah. It features Gary Versace (keys), Matt Clohesy (bass), and Jon Wikan (drums).