Tommy Lockett

Tommy Lockett of Chatsworth, CA, served as the music editor and composed source music for the film Jersey Boys.

Mike Sirkin

Woodwind player and keyboardist Mike Sirkin of North Hollywood, CA, released the ambient music album Concentric Circles. Visit

Lulu Martin

Pianist Lulu Martin of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, released the piano book O Som dos Acordes. He performs with Ithamara Koorax and composed music for the film Um Apólogo.

William Tiger Fitzhugh

William Tiger Fitzhugh of Nashville, TN, and the Vintage Mandolin Quartet released the CD Back in Time. Visit

Mark Legault

Saxophonist Mark Legault of Southbridge, MA, was inducted into the Rhode Island Music Hall of Fame with the r&b band Steve Smith & the Nakeds. Visit Legault also repairs instruments for Boston public schools.

Ken Field

Saxophonist Ken Field of Cambridge, MA, and the Revolutionary Snake Ensemble released the album Live Snakes, receiving an editor’s pick award in DownBeat magazine. Visit

Laura Klein

Laura Klein of Berkeley, CA, is an associate professor of the Alexander Technique at the California Jazz Conservatory. Visit

Charlie Hiestand

Charlie Hiestand of Seattle, WA, and his band Hopscotch released their eponymous CD, a collaboration with Jeanie Mishler. Visit

Harrison Goldberg

Harrison Goldberg of Gualala, CA, and his group Cloudfire released the album Trance Lucent. He also collaborated with visual artist Yeh Fei Pai. Visit

Terry Roland Smith

Terry Roland Smith.jpg

Terry Roland Smith ’76
Terry Roland Smith ’76

Guitarist Terry Roland Smith of Phoenixville, PA, released the CD Jazz Pop 101. was produced by Grammy winning producers Joe Nicolo and Phil Nicolo of Studio 4 Recording in Conshohocken, PA. The music is available for download at Amazon and iTunes among other sites. Caption: Terry Roland Smith ’76