John Stein


Associate Professor of Harmony John Stein released his 10th album, Hi Fly, which features various faculty colleagues and students.


Carolyn Wilkins

Ensemble Professor Carolyn Wilkins received a Fulbright Specialist Programme grant for her trip to Grahamstown, South Africa. During her visit, she attended the International Association of Popular Music's 16th Biennial Conference and participated in the Standard Bank National Youth Jazz Festival. Wilkins also performed with four of South Africa's top jazz musicians, directed a student ensemble, and presented workshops on jazz improvisation techniques.

Faculty Notes

Kim Pflunger

Studio manager Kim Pfluger and lead engineer Keith Asack of Quincy, MA, opened Keep the Edge Studios, a 2,200-square-foot facility, in September. The studio also offers youth-centered music programs. Visit

Juri Ify Love


Pianist Juri Ify Love of Dedham, MA, spoke at the "Women United for the Advancement of African Countries Conference" in July. She also runs a nonprofit organization called Genuine Voices, which brings music to youth detention centers. Her students were granted community passes to perform at Boston GreenFest 2011 in August.


Eric Levine

Percussionist and DJ Eric Levine of Cambridge, MA, recently took a new position with MOTU.

Kundayi Musinami


Vocalist Kundayi Musinami of Boston served as the keynote speaker for the MassSTAR conference, an event for the top high-school students in New England.


Elyse Marrero

Guitarist Elyse Marrero of Tallahassee, FL, is currently pursuing a master's degree in ethnomusicology at Florida State University. Marrero is researching the musical expression of children with autism and other topics related to the field. Marrero is also a music-play facilitator in the Artism Ensemble in Tallahassee at the Artism Musicultural Center.

Eric Kalver

Composer and production editor Eric Kalver of Los Angeles, CA, recently composed music for an iPhone game called Requiem. Within 10 days, the game had more than 2,000 downloads.

Sam Dickey

Guitarist and djeli ngoni player Sam Dickey of Brooklyn, NY, performed at the Joyce Theater Foundation's September 11 commemorative concert.