Arthur Phillips

Best-selling author Arthur Phillips of Brooklyn, NY, released his latest book, The Tragedy of Arthur, in paperback. It was hailed by the New York Times and the New Yorker. Visit


Michael Weidenfeller

Michael Weidenfeller of Westport, MA, produced and is releasing the debut album by the Cha Cha Cha Allstars. His songs have been placed in The Shield, Beautiful People, and Next Stop Wonderland, and he has written soundtracks and jingles.


Jennifer Truesdale

Vocalist Jennifer Truesdale of Arlington, MA, wrote the book Get Paid to Sing: The Singer’s Guide to Making a Living Making Music, a career guide for singers. It is copublished with Jeff Muzzerole ’99. Visit

Jay Jennings

Jay Jennings of Burbank, CA, completed sound design for the independent film The Glass House and is the lead sound designer for the Warner Bros. film The Gangster Squad.


Amina Figarova

Pianist/composer Amina Figarova of Forest Hills, NY, released her new CD Twelve in May and toured Europe and the United States. Visit


Ivan Bodley

Bassist Ivan Bodley of Brooklyn, NY, has been subbing on the Broadway shows Spider-Man, Turn off the Dark, and Rock of Ages. Visit


Bryan Beller

Bassist Bryan Beller of Nashville, TN, recently completed the Midwest leg of a tour with instrumental act the Aristocrats. In addition to Beller, the group features Guthrie Govan (guitar) and Marco Minnemann (drums).


Aaron Barber

Aaron Barber of Chicago, IL, collaborated on all the songs for the new release Someday Afternoon by Anna Fermin. The song “Everything Changes” was a finalist in the USA Songwriting Competition in the Rock category. Visit


Marc Battaglia

Producer and composer Marc Battaglia of Oak Ridge, NJ, has opened the recording studio the Burn Room. Visit


Chrissi Sepe

Chrissi Sepe of Staten Island, NY, has published the novel Bliss, Bliss, Bliss, a tale of a touring singer/songwriter, in paperback and electronic form.