Joe Stump

Joe Stump
Joe Stump

Associate professor Joe Stump published the book Joe Stump’s Metal Guitar Chop Shop: Building Shred & Metal Technique with Berklee Press. Visit

DJ Hatfield

Associate professor DJ Hatfield, currently in Taiwan as a Fulbright Scholar, mounted a sound installation at the Taipei Museum of Contemporary Art. His piece appears as part of “A Space of Fifty Steps,” a set of works by contemporary indigenous artist Rahic Talif.

Wayne Wild

Associate professor Wayne Wild had a chapter published in Scottish Medicine and Literary Culture entitled “The Origins of a Modern Medical Ethics in Enlightenment Scotland: Cheyne, Gregory and Cullen as Practitioners of Sensibility.”

Henrique De Almeida

Associate professor Henrique De Almeida authored the book Double Bass Drum Integration for the Jazz/Fusion Drummer on Berklee Press. Visit

Lauren Passarelli

Professor Lauren Passarelli performs with the band Afterfab, a tribute band devoted to playing the Beatles members’ solo repertoire.

Mark Shilansky

Assistant professor Mark Shilansky released a CD by his crossover group Fugue Mill. It features contributions from Sara Caswell, Eric Byers, Fernando Huergo, Kathleen Flynn, Catherine Bent, and alumni Bryce Milano, Joseph Brent, Jordan Perlson, and Steve Langone. The group has collaborated live with Jason Anick and Jason Yeager. Visit

Jeannie Gagné

Jeannie Gagne
Jeannie Gagne
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Susan Wilson

In March, voice professor Jeannie Gagné will release her book Belting: A Guide to Healthy, Powerful Singing via Berklee Press. Visit

Fred Lipsius

Associate professor Fred Lipsius released the album Improvisations, a series of unaccompanied recordings of 18 tunes.

Sheldon Mirowitz

Professor Sheldon Mirowitz scored two films: Design for Discovery, a Museum of Science Boston film about the NASA space missions; and Seduction Theory, a short film by Steve Ascher and Jeannie Jordan.

Pratt Bennet

Assistant professor Pratt Bennet had his novel Raising Sleeping Stones published as an interactive iOS app that includes a two-hour score by alumni Leo Langinger and João Luis.