Jerry Leake

Associate Professor of Percussion Jerry Leake released the CD Prominence featuring Associate Professor Randy Roos, Associate Professor Stan Strickland, and Associate Professor Paul Stiller.

George Howard

Associate Professor George Howard was interviewed by several media outlets about the Pandora Internet Radio Fairness Act.

Tiger Okoshi

Professor Tiger Okoshi brought Bruno Råberg, Daniela Schächter, Mike Tucker, and Mark Walker to teach at the Hokkaido Groove Jazz  Camp in Sapporo, Japan. 

Prince Charles Alexander

Associate Professor Prince Charles Alexander mixed two songs for Alicia Keys’s educational app The Journals of Mama Mae & LeeLee

Sheldon Mirowitz

Professor Sheldon Mirowitz worked on the score to the film First Comes Love, and scored the Museum of Science, Boston film Moons.

Marc Rossi

Professor of Piano Marc Rossi released two new CDs, Mantra Revealed on Innova Recordings, and Resonance on Sony Music. 

Andrea "Ani" Johnson

Associate Professor Andrea “Ani” Johnson wrote an article for the Music and Entertainment Industry Educators Association Journal and presented a lecture at the January MIDEM conference in Cannes, France.

Wendy Rolfe

Professor Wendy Rolfe gave premieres of “Three Women” for flute and piano by Professor Beth Denisch in Quito, Ecuador, and at the National Flute Association convention. 

Jeannie Gagné, Stan Strickland, Jon Hazilla, and Danny Morris

Jeannie Gagné, Stan Strickland, Jon Hazilla, and Danny Morris were selected for the Steelgrass Recording Residency in Kauai, Hawaii, in January. 

David Thorne Scott

Associate Professor David Thorne Scott and his vocal group Vocalogy released the CD Refilled featuring Assistant Professor Mark Shilansky