Jeff McGowan

Jeff McGowan ’72 of Des Moines, IA, died on June 26. McGowan was a touring percussionist with groups in both America and Europe. He leaves his father Jack, and daughter Deborah.

Claire “Buffy” James

Claire “Buffy” James ’60 of Sevierville, TN, died on June 29. She was 76. James was a signer who performed with various big bands. She leaves two children. 

Steven Antone Garcia

Steven Antone Garcia ’73 of Memphis, TN, died on May 31. He was 63. Garcia was a Vietnam War veteran and U.S. Navy musician. He leaves behind his mother, two sisters, and his daughter Christie. 

Jeff Friedman

Professor Jeff Friedman ’79 died on June 25. During his 20 years at Berklee, Friedman taught jazz composition and worked with Branford Marsalis, Joe Henderson, and many others. 

Todd Ferguson

Todd Ferguson ’84 of North Andover, MA, died on April 11. He was 55. Ferguson was a guitarist for the band the Bluehemians. He leaves his mother and sister. 

Randy Coven

Randy Coven ’80 of Great Neck, NY, died on May 20. He was 54. Coven played bass with such acts as Steve Vai ’80, Yngwie Malmsteen, and Zakk Wylde. 

Steven Bongivengo

Word has reached us that Steven Bongivengo ’80 of Rehoboth, MA, died on November 18, 2012.  Bongivengo was a composer and arranger. He leaves his wife, Cheryl. 

Edward Bedner

Professor Edward Bedner died on August 6. He was 77. Bedner was a Berklee faculty member for more than four decades teaching classical piano, counterpoint, and atonal solfege. He leaves his sister Jacquiline.

Alan J. Beique

Alan J. Beique ’75 of Webster, MA, died on July 23. He was 61. Beique was a keyboardist for a local blues band. He leaves two children; Jayme and Torrey Beique.

Kristopher Austin “Kit” Barkus

Kristopher Austin “Kit” Barkus ’07 of Butler, PA, died on June 6. He was 25. A trumpeter and a guitarist, he won a Louis Armstrong Jazz Award. Barkus leaves behind parents Robert and Pamela, and siblings Alison and Robert.