World Music Ear Training

ET-321-001, 2 credits          Prerequisite: Ear Training 2

Tuesday 4-6, taught by Bertram Lehmann


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Big Apple Spotlight

Karen Bell

Zac Zinger

Zac Zinger of Brighton, MA, was the recipient of a 2012 ASCAP Foundation’s Young Jazz Composer Award.


Hailey Niswanger

Saxophonist Hailey Niswanger of Brooklyn, NY, produced her second album, The Keeper, with the help from contributors to her Kickstarter cam- paign. It’s being played on jazz radio stations and was reviewed in the May issue of DownBeat magazine.

Harry Miree

Harry Miree of Chapel Hill, NC, has been touring the United States with new rock artist Boom City in support of the group’s debut EP. Visit


Nicholas Connell

Singer/songwriter Nicholas Connell of Cambridge, MA, released the first single, “Drum Driving,” from his debut album, Superstars in Love. Visit


Elton Charles

Drummer Elton Charles of Nashville, TN, engineered and produced the album Loud and Clear for singer/ songwriter Carly Tefft. It can be heard on Spotify or purchased on iTunes. Visit


Pete Walsh

Pete Walsh of East Greenwich, RI, produced the songs “Eighteen Cool” and “Small Town” for hip-hop artist Hoodie Allen’s album All American.


Davey Jones

Davey Jones of Scituate, MA, won the 2011 DJ Battle of the Beats at Lansdowne Pub, where he was spinning and drumming simultaneously. Dirt Water News magazine, which covers nightlife in Boston, recently featured him on the cover.