Ready for Another Great Year

A snapshot of student convocation and opening day festivities.

Roger Aldridge

Composer Roger Aldridge of Olney, MD, has a selection of original tunes, extended pieces, and ensemble scores available at the American Music Center. Visit


Preparing to Change the Game

Jeff Dorenfeld

In recent years, Berklee has created academic institutes to offer students focused studies in specific areas of the contemporary music universe. Currently, there are eight areas of focused study that include Berklee’s Global Jazz Institute, Interdisciplinary Arts Institute, and the Institute for Creative Entrepreneurship, to name a few.

Commencement 2011

On May 6 and 7, Berklee celebrated the annual right of passage of another class leaving the college with students ready to make their way in the music industry. The 2011 graduating class, 908 strong, celebrated with the traditional commencement concert on the evening of May 6 followed by formal commencement exercises the next morning.

Berklee Beat

Matthew Witek

Drummer Matthew Witek and bassist Katie Thiroux '08 are living in Quito, Ecuador, and teaching at the Instituto de Música Contemporáea.

Joe Matzzie

Composer Joe Matzzie of West Hollywood, CA, founded the company Studio Miracles LLC, which provides technical support and consultation to composers, producers, and songwriters in the Los Angeles area. Visit

Ahmad Farzad

Drummer and producer Ahmad Farzad of Brookline, MA, is a corporate relations and logistics coordinator for the 2009 Boston Music Conference. He is currently working with producer Ricky Pena and contributing to