Global Partnership: Expanding Berklee Outreach in Latin America

Cindy Albert Link

President Roger Brown followed former U.S. president Bill Clinton onstage to offer an overview of the IDB-Berklee partnership and to introduce student performers at the Americas Summit Conference in Miami, FL, on December 10, 2014.

Walter Harp Memorialized with Endowed Scholarship

Jessica Halton
Peter Gardner

An endowed scholarship has been established in the memory of late faculty member Walter W. Harp, awarded annually to a student who has demonstrated outstanding achievement in civic engagement through music.

Bill Elliott

Ryan Fleming

Bill Elliott, professor of contemporary writing and production (CWP) who deftly weathered many shifts in taste and technology while honing his musical expertise, is determined to pass on his on-the-gig wisdom.

Snow Day Facilities Update

Berklee is operating normal hours at this time.


The Counseling & Advising Center will be closed due to severe weather, Tuesday, Feb. 10th

The college will be closed due to continued severe weather on Tuesday, February 10th. If you are having a mental health emergency, please call Berklee Public Safety at 617-747-2333 to be connected with on off-site crisis counselor, or you may go to your local hospital emergency room for assistance. Thank you.

Message from Academic Affairs

School closing and class cancellations since the start of the semester due to severe weather conditions have resulted in multiple missed classes for some courses, particularly those that meet on Mondays. We are evaluating the academic impact of these cancellations and considering scheduling class adjustments for the spring semester to help address the situation.

Dr. William Junior ’07

Mark Small

Dr. William Junior ’07 has many helping hands along his path to becoming an M.D. specializing in anesthesiology.

A Look Back at 2014

Jason Camelio

A slideshow of images from some of the many events Berklee produced throughout 2014

New Additions to the Board of Trustees

The Berklee Board of Trustees grew in 2014 with the addition of six highly accomplished professionals from diverse backgrounds.

Young Berklee Artists Dazzle Monterey Jazz Fans

Rob Hochschild

At the September 2014 festival in Monterey, California, a quintet of Berklee alumni and current students, led by pianist and vocalist Sarah McKenzie ’14, captivated the audience.