Jeni Magana

Jeni Magana of Brooklyn, NY, and her band Oh Odessa released their debut album on iTunes. The all-Berklee band also includes Jon Smith, Jeff Fittig ’09, and Bryan Percivall ’09. 

Ronaldo Lobo

Ronaldo Lobo of Woodside, NY, has played with Eliane Elias and is an assistant to film composer Marcelo Zarvos. He has also composed for The Big C and other productions. Visit 

Florencia Gonzalez

Florencia Gonzalez of New York City released the big-band album Woman Dreaming of Escape. Visit 

Cole DeGenova

In August, songwriter Cole DeGenova released the album Another Country. Visit 

Hamil Atwal

Drummer Hamil Atwal of Pinole, CA, is a member of the Glimpse Trio, which released the album Garage in July. Visit 

Pierce Warnecke

Pierce Warnecke of Montagny, France, has been involved in various artistic projects including Textures, TXTR, Ghosts Along a Border, Corners of the Night, and Segments

Gregorio Uribe

Gregorio Uribe of New York City released the Cumbia song “Viva Colombia,” using traditional Colombian drums. He also released the Father’s Day song “Mi Super Héroe.” Visit 

James Speight

James Speight of Sherman Oaks, CA, works at Paramount Picture Studios. He has edited music for Quantum Quest: A Cassini Space Odyssey, World’s Wildest Police Videos, and the documentary Cinema Is Everywhere.

Andys Skordis

Andys Skordis of Nicosia, Cyprus, won the 2012 Netherlands Buma Toonzetters for the composition “The deeper you go . . . the deeper you go . . . the deeper you go . . . deeper you go . . . you go . . . you?”

Lluis Guerra Recas

Pianist Lluís Guerra Recas of Girona, Spain, released his album Points of View. Visit