Daniel Miller

Guitarist Daniel Miller of Kirkland, WA, teaches guitar, ukulele, violin, piano, percussion, voice, and a rock band ensemble at the Kirkland Children’s Music Studio. He is also an active performer. Visit www.danielmiller.org.


Jee Hyun Kim

Composer Jee Hyun Kim of Seoul, South Korea, released his ambient electronic music debut EP album and music video under the name Elint. Visit www.elintmusic.com.

Wayne Sermon

Wayne Sermon of American Fork, UT, is a member of the band Imagine Dragons that was recently signed to Interscope Records. Other band members include Daniel Platzman ’09 (drums) and Ben McKee ’09 (bass).


Priya Prins

Songwriter, vocalist, and producer Priya Prins of Los Angeles, CA, has been working with rapper Tyga for three years, and worked on his album Careless World: Rise of the Last King. Visit www.priyaprins.com.

Justin Nault

On January 21, singer/songwriter Justin Nault of Madison, TN, was on the season premiere of Budweiser: The Big Time. He plays regularly at the Big Bang Bar in Nashville. Visit www.justinnault.com.


Zach Miller

Drummer Zach Miller of Washington, D.C., and his band Gallons to Ounces, won the 2012 Washington, D.C., Hard Rock Cafe Rising Global Battle of the Bands. Visit www.gallonstoounces.com.


Marye Lobb

Marye Lobb of New York City released the album Not at War that was produced by Lobb and George Saenz. It features Lobb on vocals and guitar, Saenz on bass and accordion, and Marie Kim ’09 on cello. Visit www.maryelobb.com.

Diana Leverington

Saxophonist Diana Leverington of Stockholm, Sweden, performed at the Uppsala Konsert & Kongress hall in January weith the PomPeriPossa Band. The event was aired live on Swedish national television. Visit www.dianaleverington.com.


John Wylie

John Wylie of Redondo Beach, CA, wrote and produced all the music for the first season of the series The Super on HDNet.


Pierce Warnecke

On January 19, Pierce Warnecke of Montagny, France, put out the digital and vinyl EP The Machine Regrets on Fremdtunes. Visit www.piercewarnecke.com.