Performance Ear Training for Percussion 1

PFET-370-001                     Prerequisite: Ear Training 2, ratings 3444

1 credit

Wednesday 9-11, taught by Marcello Pellitteri


Performance Ear Training for Guitar 1

PFET-367-002, 1 credit                       Prerequisites: Ear Training 2, ratings 2222

Wednesday 2-4, taught by Mitch Seidman

Performance Ear Training for Keyboards 1

PFET-364-001, 1 credit                       Prerequisite: Ear Training 2, ratings 3444

Friday 11-1, taught by Scott deOgburn


Advanced Modal Ear Training

ET-P461-001, 2 credits           Prerequisite: Ear Training 4 or Solfege 2, Harmony 3

Monday 12-2, taught by John Funkhouser


Jazz Solo Transcription

ET-451-001              Prerequisite: Ear Training 4, Solfege 2,

2 credits                                              or Fundamentals of Transcription

Wednesday 11-1, taught by Daryl Lowery


Popular Song Transcription

ET-441-001, 2 credits Prerequisite: Ear Training 4, Solfege 2, or Fundamentals of Transcription

Friday 11-1, taught by Jane Potter


Through transcriptions of popular songs and arrangements and productions of your choice, you will develop your ability to hear melodies, chord progressions and rhythms. Transcribe the person or group who are doing what you want to learn, and find out how they do it -- and learn about popular music styles by sharing your fellow students’ transcriptions.

Advanced Ear Training 1

Advanced Ear Training 1

ET-411-001, 2 credits             Prerequisite: Ear Training 4 or Solfege 2

Monday 11-1, taught by Lydia Okumura


In Advanced Ear Training, you’ll learn to sing and aurally identify intervals in tonal and non-tonal situations. The course is intended to bridge the gap between relative pitch and hearing by interval alone, and to prepare you for singing atonal music.


Rhythmic Ear Training

Rhythmic Ear Training

ET 341-001, 2 credits              Prerequisite: Ear Training 2

Tuesday 2-4, taught by Bertram Lehmann