Oscar Balza

Oscar Balza of Maracaibo, Venezuela, plays with Latin Grammy Award winner San Luis. Balza is completing his band’s first album Cionico. Visit oscarbalza.com.

Joo Won Park

Joo Won Park ’01
Joo Won Park ’01

Joo Won Park of Oberlin, OH, is a visiting assistant professor of computer music at the Oberlin Conservatory. Visit joowonpark.net.

Sebastian Müller

Sebastian Müller of Köln, Germany, released the album Peel featuring Daniele Camarda, Jonas Burgwinkel, Pablo Held, and Sebastian Gille. Visit elmolinero.de.

Paloma Dueñas

Paloma Dueñas of Miami, FL, a music therapist specializing in autism spectrum disorders, is a teaching artist at Bass Museum of Art in Miami Beach. She heads the organization palomARTS and performs with the group Brasoul.

Gregg Stein

Gregg Stein of Framingham, MA, is the CEO of Libratone, Inc. and sits on the Consumer Electronics Association audio division board. Visit libratone.com.

Dimitris Sevdalis

Dimitris Sevdalis of Athens, Greece, released the album Lagrimas Claras, with his Latin jazz quartet and Cuban singer Midreys Duquesne.

Bob Reynolds

Bob Reynolds of Los Angeles, CA, recorded the album Déja Vu with fellow saxophonist Juan Rollan. Visit bobreynoldsmusic.com.

Miguel Hadelich

Miguel Hadelich of Los Angeles, CA, is vice president of international sales, install, and tour for the TC Group. Visit tcgroup.tc.

Jason Graham

Jason Graham ’00 of Salt Lake City UT, is a broadcast engineer for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He and his team were on the cover of the December 2014 issue of Mix magazine. Visit mixonline.com/news/facilities/audio-temple-square/423149.

Fawn Drake

Fawn Drake of Denver, CO, and DJ Chad Black released the album Angels We Have Heard on High, a portion of whose proceeds go to the Beagle Freedom Project.