Marcelo Feldman

Marcelo Feldman of North Hollywood, CA, started the YouTube channel “The Bass Wizard.” Visit

Scott Brown

Scott Brown of Columbus, OH, is senior counsel in the Marketing and Intellectual Property Practice Group at Nationwide Insurance. He is on the board of the arts education nonprofit the Dick & Jane Project.

Krysta Youngs

Krysta Youngs of Studio City, CA, released the song “The Magic of Christmastime” featuring pianist Ruslan Sirota ’03. Visit

Stefano Switala

Stefano Switala of Rome, Italy, scored the film Winx Club: The Mystery of the Abyss and wrote music for a television campaign about violence against women. Visit

F. Javier Vargas

F. Javier Vargas of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, led the jazz big band of the National Conservatory of Santo Domingo at the Dominican Republic Jazz Festival.

Nobuki Takamen

Nobuki Takamen of Jersey City, NJ, toured in Europe, performing at the Nisville and Petrovac jazz festivals and released the album Solo Guitar. Visit

Garth Stevenson

Garth Stevenson of New York City and Annie Lynch ’08 composed music for the films Tracks and Red Knot.

Marco Pacassoni

Marco Pacassoni of Fano, Italy, released the album Happiness, featuring Michel Camilo. The band will tour Europe, Asia, and South America. Visit

Austin Nelson

Austin Nelson of Charleston, SC, and Jason Rueger perform as the duo Curtin, and released the album One for the Doghearted, featuring Andrew Tracy ’04, Sweney Tidball ’03, and Wilco’s Mikael Jorgensen. Visit

Kyle Ewalt and Steven Shewbrooks

Kyle Ewalt and Steven Shewbrooks of Brooklyn, NY, comprise the group Kyven, which released the EP For Commercial Use Only.