2014FA Tutor for MTEC-111, 112 & 222

To MTEC-111, 112, 222 students,

During this semester, we have a Music Technology Tutor available 15 hours a week in case you need tutoring for MTEC-111, 112, 222:

MTEC Tutor – Quincy Holland <qholland@berklee.edu>

    Monday: 3pm-5pm
    Tuesday: 4pm-5pm
    Wednesday: 11am-4pm
    Friday: 10am-5pm

Visiting Artist Series Franca de Gasperi: The Latin music industry success in Europe


Franca de Gasperi, director and founder of one of the biggest Hispanic festivals in Europe - Latinoamericando will share with the Berklee community how she has helped developing a stronger latin connection between LatinAmerica and Europe. 

Date: Thursday, October 16th

Location: Lawerence and Alma Berk Hall 1A

Time: 1pm-3pm

Message from the President: Welcome Maria Goldberg

I am pleased to announce that Maria Goldberg has joined the Office of the President as manager of planning and communications.  Maria began her career at the Pan-Massachusetts Challenge where she directed a volunteer corps of over 4,000 and was integral in the organization’s fundraising strategy and operations, helping to raise over $26 million annually.  She came to Berklee in 2008 and has spent the past six and a half years in Events and Conference Services where she managed many large-scale events for the college.  She brings exceptional project management, customer servic

Saturday Dance Classes

During the school year, students gather together on Saturday afternoon to learn about many styles of ballroom, standard and Latin dance.  Also, there are weekly Dance Fitness  - Rhythm + Move classes. These classes are free of charge.