Boris Berlin

Boris Berlin of New York City released Soundtrack for an Imaginary Film and the single “Japan Round-Robin Waltz.” Visit

Emil Temeltas

Emil Temeltas of Surfside, FL, composed music for NBC’s Telemundo soap opera Señora Acero. Visit

Fred Hedemark

Fred Hedemark ’96
Fred Hedemark ’96

Fred Hedemark of New York, NY, is the production sound mixer for NBC’s Late Night with Seth Meyers.

Kenya Hathaway, Taku Hirano, Lil John Roberts, and Peter Ortega

Kenya Hathaway, Taku Hirano, Lil John Roberts, and Peter Ortega ’91 performed on the Stevie Wonder Grammy Tribute show on CBS in February.

Mariami Bibilouri

Miriami Bibilouri ’95
Miriami Bibilouri ’95

Mariami Bibilouri of Boston, MA, celebrated the launch of her album Gates at a release party at SOBs in New York City. Visit

Don Rogerson

Saxophonist Don Rogerson of Roy, UT, released the new album Punk Jazz Fusion, available as an online download.

Luis Espaillat

Luis Espaillat of Nashville, TN, appeared on last year’s top-20 single “Immortal” by Sony/3 for 5 artists Eve to Adam. He is also backing country artists Trace Adkins, Lindsay Ell, and Lucy Angel. Visit

“Metal” Mike Chlasciak

“Metal” Mike Chlasciak of Wayne, NJ, launched his Metal Heroes Summer Camp at Full Moon Resort in Big Indian, NY, which takes place August 24–28. He writes the column “Metal For Life” for Guitar World magazine. Visit

Martin Case

Martin Case of Wayland, MA, collaborated with Joseph Brogan ’75 on the album 4 Directions. Visit

Chip Vayenas

Chip Vayenas of Austin, TX, and Dane Farnsworth ’09 have been touring with the band Mingo Fishtrap in support of their latest album, On Time. Vayenas was featured in a Modern Drummer article in January about the recording. Visit