Thoughts for Entrepeneurial Musicians

Alan Reese

Insights for musicians looking to get better at financial planning and managing risk.

German Jazz Connections

Kurt Maas ’65

L.A. Newsbriefs

Justine Taormino

Vocalist Shawna Corso ’11
Vocalist Shawna Corso ’11

Nashville Pros

David Petrelli

Guitarist and author Eric  Normand ’89

World Beat

Michael Gaskins

An a cappella group with global roots takes its positive message to an ever-larger audience.

Philip Catherine '72

Mark Small

A Belgian guitarist says that after a career spanning five decades, it still comes down to making his guitar "sing."

iZotope Job Info Session 10/21

Job info session for students & alumni interested in music technology.

Lil John Roberts

Lil John Robert

Drummer Lil John Roberts of Atlanta, GA (formerly of Philadelphia), released the album Heartbeat, which reached number 26 on the Billboard charts. Visit Caption: Lil John Roberts  ’92

Andrew Germain

Andrew Germain of Calabasas, CA, released the book Harmonious Mind of the Child, offering methods and insights for childhood education.

Adonis Aletras

Guitarist and composer Adonis Aletras of Aglandjia, Cyprus, had music featured on television shows including Vice, America Now, Bring It, and others.