Yoo Sun Nam

Saxophonist Yoo Sun Nam of New York City released her album Light of the City, featuring Kyumin Shim ’12 and Chris Cheek ’91 in September. 

Grace Kelly

Saxophonist Grace Kelly of Santa Monica, CA, released the Kickstarter-funded EP Working for the Dreamers. Visit gracekellymusic.com

Joelle James

Joelle James of Murrieta, CA, co-wrote the song “All The Way Home” that was included on Tamar Braxton’s Grammy-nominated album Love & War. She is signed to Interscope Records and released the single “Sweet Lemonade.”

Kiesa Ellestad

Kiesa Ellestad (aka Kiesza) of Calgary, Canada, received more than 60 million YouTube hits for her video “Hideaway,” and appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman and Jimmy Kimmel Live. Visit kiesza.com

Greg Arney

Greg Arney of Canaan, NH, founded Hub Guitar LLC, a guitar lesson network. Visit hubguitar.com

Sagit Zilberman

Sagit Zilberman of Boston, MA, released an album with Project Grzegorz Rogala & Zilberman. The group performs and teaches clinics in Poland. 

Sonya Rae Taylor

Sonya Rae Taylor of Austin, TX, signed a publishing contract as a staff writer with BMG Chrysalis and Franklin Publishing.

Kim Logan

Kim Logan of Nashville, TN, released the single “Neighborhood” and is recording her second album with producer Dave Cobb. Visit kimlogan.net

Mario Evon

Mario Evon

Mario Evon of Kingston, Jamaica, released the singles “Soul Tek” and “You Used 2 Love Me,” from his album Reggae-Soul Volume 1: M.E. on Love. Visit marioevon.com. Caption: Mario Evon ’10

David Bawiec

David Bawiec

David Bawiec of North Hollywood, CA, wrote music for the “We Are #GayPropaganda” campaign and the films Backmask, The 10 Year Plan, and John Wick and produced a single for Witt Gooden ’11. Visit davidbawiec.com. Caption: David  Bawiec ’10