Kyle Saulnier

Kyle Saulnier ’03
Kyle Saulnier ’03

Kyle Saulnier of Bronx, NY, and the Awakening Orchestra released Volume I: This Is Not the Answer on Innova Recordings. He also premiered his concerto for violin in April in New York City. Visit

Drew Milford

Drew Milford ’03
Drew Milford ’03

Drew Milford of Los Angeles, CA, co-wrote and produced the film Another Day, Another Dime, featured on the ShortsHD TV network. It was scored by Pancho “2003” Burgos-Goizueta ’03 and cowritten by Nick Gomez ’04. Visit

Jessi Teich

Jessi Teich ’02
Jessi Teich ’02

Jessi Teich of Skippack, PA, released the album Twisted Soul, which contains her original songs and was recorded in Paris with the Thierry Maillard Trio. Visit

Chris Hobson

Chris Hobson of Vista, CA, Emma Byrd ’15, and Allie Moriarty worked on the album Purple Party, in collaboration with the Music Therapy Center of California.

Andy Shoniker

Andy Shoniker of Toronto, Canada, released the EP Come Inside with the rock group Grand Opening and the album Happy Mother’s Day with SOTL. He was awarded a U.S. patent for his app “Rhythm Trainer.” He was interviewed for Drums Etc. and Entrepreneur magazine. Visit

Oli Rockberger

Pianist and songwriter Oli Rockberger of Brooklyn, NY, released the album Can’t Turn Back with the group Mister Barrington, featuring Owen Biddle ’00 and Zach Danziger. Rockberger has worked with Randy Brecker, Will Lee, Steve Gadd, and many other top musicians. Visit

Darcie Nicole

Darcie Nicole of Boston, MA, is a member of the volunteer staff at Sephardic Legacy Series, which produces events, lectures, books, and research about Jews from the Middle East, Spain, Portugal, North Africa, South America, and Central Asia. Her Jewish-themed song “Covering” (a collaboration with Jaeo Tolbert ’89) is featured on the Soulkore Productions She Said Revisited 2015 compilation.

Matthew Cahoon

Matthew Cahoon of Coventry, RI, and his electronica-pop project, Everpresent, released the album Introspekt, featuring Ryan Hinkle ’11 (engineering and coproduction), Balint Boldog ’09 (drums), and vocalist Cat Waltzer. The band released a video for the song “In My Veins” featuring Alex Knutzen ’04.

Wang Lee-Hom

Wang Lee-Hom of New York CIty starred in the movie Blackhat, directed and produced by Michael Mann.

Avishai Cohen

Trumpeter Avishai Cohen of Brooklyn, NY, released the album Dark Nights with his trio Triveni featuring drummer Nasheet Watts and bassist Omer Avital.