Playing For Life


As greater demands are placed upon today's vocalists and instrumentalists, physical injuries have become more prevalent. The ability to deliver a diverse repertoire ranging from Mozart to Bird to Aretha and the need for improvisational skills in various styles and ensemble settings often take precedence over a healthful, noninjurious technique. Indeed, many musicians may consider a slight ache or pain normal until it becomes unbearable or, worse, threatens to halt a career.

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Music Business Research

You may already have research skills, but this session will focus on research resources specific to music business and management including:
  • Online databases and eBooks available through the library
  • Print books and journals
  • In-House electronic resources

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Stories from the Promised Land

Mark Small



SGAE- Berklee Partnership Bears Fruit

Lesley Mahoney


Since childhood, Guillermo Marin, a composer and pianist from Zaragoza, Spain, had dreamed of coming to Berklee, but he knew his family couldn't afford the tuition. Thanks to a scholarship for composers and songwriters from the Sociedad General de Autores y Editores (SGAE), studying at Berklee went from impossibility to opportunity.

Haviland Street Building Opens

Lesley Mahoney


Expansion and enhancement of facilities are the first of the three aims of the Giant Steps capital campaign. The successful campaign is currently three-quarters of the way toward meeting its $50 million goal, and of that figure, $20 million is earmarked for facilities improvements. The campaign's two additional goals include increasing scholarships and fostering innovative educational programs.

Rekindled Passion for Music

Mark Small


Canta Contest Winners

Allen Bush


Berklee's First 24 Hour Musical Theater Festival

Have you ever created anything with pure adrenaline in the nick of time with intense collaboration?