Ben Bailey

Ben Bailey of Atlanta, GA, released his debut album A Bird in the Hand. Visit

Ming Tsao

Ming Tsao of Berkeley, CA, released a recording of his opera Die Geisterinsel (The Ghost Island). He is a professor of composition at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden.

Alphonso Jiles

Alphonso Jiles of Upper Marlboro, MD, led the Dr. Henry A Wise High School marching band in a performance for president Barack Obama in October.

Stephen B. Ward

Stephen B. Ward ’87
Stephen B. Ward ’87

Stephen B. Ward of North White Plains, NY, is an associate professor of music technology at Mercy College in Dobbs Ferry, NY.

Kevin Kastning

Kevin Kastning of Groton, MA, and Mark Wingfield released the album In Stories. Kastning has invented a variety of guitar-related instruments. Visit

Chris Florio

Chris Florio of Ipswich, MA, and Hiro Honshuku ’90 released the duet album The Essence. Visit

Sam Anstice Brown

Sam Anstice Brown of Breakish, UK, released new self-help hypnosis material for musicians, including hypnotherapy for focal dystonia. Visit

Alexia Vassillou

Alexia Vassillou ’85
Alexia Vassillou ’85

Alexia Vassillou of Deerfield Beach, FL, released the single “Jeux D’Amour.” It was featured in the film Poker Face.

Michael Nicolella

Michael Nicolella ’85
Michael Nicolella ’85

Classical guitarist Michael Nicolella of Seattle, WA, released the album The Complete Bach Cello Suites. He teaches at Cornish College of the Arts. Visit

Michael Nickolas

Michael Nickolas of Holden, MA, wrote the song “Africa Sway,” which appeared in the film Hector and the Search for Happiness. Visit