Ryan Fleming

Allison Zatarain

Allison Zatarain MA’13 is the manager for artist services for the Orchard in New York City. She is working with artists Dum Dum Girls, the Raveonettes, Fallulah, and Dan Owen with the Orchard founders Scott Cohen and Richard Gottehrer.

Luiza Sales

Luiza Sales MM’14
Luiza Sales MM’14

Luiza Sales MM’14 of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, released her second album titled Aventureira, which is available on Apple iTunes. She founded Solares Prodducões, an artist management company, and the YouTube project called Meninas do Brasil, creating videos by independent female artists.

Pedro Santa Cruz

Pedro Santa Cruz MM’13 founded the music production company Oso Pardo in Santiago de Chile. He is creating music for three TV series, including an animated show to be broadcast next year on the Brazilian network O Globo. He has also scored TV commercials, short films, and informational videos.

Tanya Nath

Tanya Nath MA’14 of Faridabad, India, was named as a digital services executive for Sony Music India in July.

Matthew Mazzone

Matthew Mazzone MM’14 of Adelaide, Australia, is working as a consultant for inMusic Brands, the parent company of Akai, creating MIDI maps for a new keyboard being developed by Akai. Additionally, he is teaching electronic music and production for MusicSA, doing live sound for a local band, producing his own music.

Jordan Gagné

Jordan Gagné MM’13 of Los Angeles, CA, is writing additional music for TV projects with composer Jeff Russo. Gagné established his own production company, Clockwork Studios, and scored the film Teachers, which received its premiere at the L.A. Film Festival.

Vincent Despins

Vincent Despins MA’13 of Paris, France, is the head of communications and media for MaMA Event, a music festival and convention in Paris. Previously, Despins worked as a digital project manager at DBTH, a music business marketing and development service in Paris and as an associate music supervisor for Tracks & Fields in Berlin.

Paolo Cognetti

Paolo Cognetti MM’13 of Firenze, Italy is a freelance pianist and the in-house composer for L’Officina Sonora Bigallo studios, working on a range of projects. He recently took second place in a composition contest and had his winning orchestral piece premiered on Italian national TV and radio in August.

João Bruno Soeiro

João Bruno Soeiro MM’14 of Moscow, Russia, is working for CineLab film studios in Moscow. He currently works at the company’s postproduction branch, CineLab SoundMix.