Yui Yamamoto

Yui Yamamoto (aka Yui SensationaL) of North Hills, CA, released the album No Music, No SensationaL Life. Visit yuisensational.com.

R.J. Woessner

Vocalist R.J. Woessner of Brooklyn, NY, performed with Bastille on the Late Show with David Letterman, with Jim Carrey on Saturday Night Live, and appeared in the film Milking It. Woessner has also done voiceovers and vocal coaching. Visit rjwoessner.com.

Paulo Stagnaro

Percussionist Paulo Stagnaro of Brooklyn, NY, is touring with Ricky Martin, and leads the Paolo Stagnaro Group. Visit paulostagnaro.com.

Neara Russell

Neara Russell of Studio City, CA, toured with Bridgit Mendler. She also played with Zeta Wave, Hayle, Matt DuPuy, and Scavenger Hunt. Visit neararussell.com.

Martin Nessi

Engineer Martin Nessi of Glendale, CA, has recorded for Josh Groban, Gloria Trevi, Alejandro Lerner, and Anais Vivas and mixed for Cooper Phillip, Pacband, NYXX, and TWWO. Visit martinnessi.com.

Ricardo Galvan

Ricardo Galvan of Mexico City, Mexico, is part of the musical project Mariaxibit with Jordi Arán Mendez. Visit mariaxibit.com.

Seth Botos

Seth Botos of Allston, MA, and Corey Wade released the single “Designing an Airplane” with their band Undersea. Visit underseaband.com.

Juan Carlos Rodríguez

Juan Carlos Rodríguez of Valencia, CA, composed for the television shows Matador and East Los High. Visit juancrodriguez.com.

Daniel Frimm

Daniel Frimm of Denver, CO, is touring through March to promote his new album The DBC. Visit thedbcdenver.com.

Sean Hayden

Sean Hayden of Toronto, ON, writes advertising music for clients including Target, Mitsubishi, Ford, and Red Bull Media. Visit daisydogmusic.com.