May 2016 Carpet & Painting Schedule

Beginning Monday, May 9th until Tuesday, May 31st carpet installation and painting will be done in the following areas. If you have any questions please contact Ashley Pardi ext. 8975 or

Date Carpet Installation Painting
Monday May 9th

150 Halls

Boston News

Darcie-Nicole Wicknick ’01

Nashville Notes

Dave Petrelli

L.A. Newsbriefs

Peter Gordon

Alumni gathered in Honolulu, Hawaii. (Front, from left): Eric Lagrimas ’98, Ambrose Splescia ’78, Gloria Metzger Gordon ’81, and Peter Gordon ’78. (Back, from left): Will Lydgate ’07, Professor Stephen Webber, Charlie Longhi '87, and Shawn Moseley '97.

Alumni Beat

Karen Bell

While passing through Boston, many alumni have taken time out of their busy schedules to share information and answer questions for the students.

Alumni Profile: Johanna Grussner '96

Mark Small

Johanna Grussner

A Creative Approach to Folk Song Settings

During a July concert tour of Sweden with Stämbandet, the Scandinavian vocal ensemble that I direct, we had the opportunity to work with noted composer, arranger, and recording artist Anders Nyberg in a series of workshops.

Thoughts from a Globetrotting Sideman

Mark Small

Since 1990, Dominic Miller has been a member of Sting’s band, backing him in more than 1,000 concerts across the globe, and has even cowritten songs with the British superstar.

The Widening Gulf between Art and Commerce

Peter Alhadeff

Professor Peter Alhadeff discussed music as a product of art and a by-product of commerce.

Body Mapping for Better Playing

A Quiet Epidemic