Electronic Production and Design Major

Electronic Production and Design Major


The student majoring in Electronic Production and Design will master a wide range of contemporary synthesis and production tools and systems, while absorbing their theory and principles. This learning occurs in state-of-the-art labs with top industry professionals guiding the student. The Electronic Production and Design Department offers the student the opportunity to study performance, sound design, MIDI sequencing, desktop music production, acoustics, digital audio and digital signal processing, multimedia production (including creating music and sound effects for delivery on CD, DVD, and the web), computer programming for music production, and MIDI for systems control.

Through classroom emphasis on artistic and professional excellence in synthesis-based composition and sound design, and through interaction with instructors and visiting artists, students develop a well-informed, critical aesthetic vision. Instruction emphasizes exploration of various technologies and forms of music expression in an effort to develop the individual's voice and style.

The Electronic Production and Design major learns to work effectively with others through the preparation and presentation of projects. Instruction and project work stress concepts rather than specific applications. They also provide a solid foundation for continued learning and effective performance in a discipline that is constantly changing and evolving. A faculty that is professionally active along with numerous industry, artistic, and academic-oriented guest lecturers offer many opportunities for further study. They also provide contacts and information on careers as a composer, sound designer, producer, educator, or performer.

Download the Electronic Production and Design concentrate courses. Students are strongly encouraged to verify their course requirements with the Office of the Registrar.

  • Degree (updated September 2009)