PODCAST: Iris Lune Challenges Pop Music Status Quo

Chandler Dalton
December 12, 2017
Image by Hannah Cohen
Iris Lune

When Berklee alumni Ella Joy Meir B.M. '14 and Asher Kurtz '13 formed the electronic pop group Iris Lune, they were driven by the warped surrealism of Salvador Dalí, and this inspriation set the tone for the band's boundary-breaking music. On Iris Lune's new album, Lost in Chatter, the band—which includes fellow Berklee alumni Aaron Liao B.M. '17 (bass), and Angelo Spampinato B.M. '12 (drums)—creates unlikely genre pairs and composes fascinating musical compositions with profound lyrics that ask the listener to think as well as feel. 

“I think that this song is relevant to today’s world on so many levels, whether it’s the media around us, relationships, or the political reality we’re in. I love the fact that it’s dark and dancey; it’s the perfect illusion. It lets you sway along to the music but when you listen carefully to the lyrics they tell a deeper and more challenging story,” Meir, the band's lead vocalist and keyboard player, says of the title track, "Lost in Chatter."

In this episode of Sounds of Berklee, let's take a listen to how Iris Lune is challenging the status quo of today's pop music with "Lost in Chatter."

Produced by Chandler Dalton
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