Shea Rose is a Warrior Unleashed - The Boston Globe

January 13, 2012

[From: The Boston Globe]

It took some coaxing before Shea Rose was ready to let her “little warrior’’ come out for the world to see.

Anyone who saw the Braintree-born singer’s bold performance at the Boston Music Awards in November, where she picked up the trophy for R&B/soul/urban contemporary artist of the year, probably wouldn’t have guessed as much. That night she lit up the room with a striking combination of raw energy and polished musicianship, leading her band as they fearlessly bounded through the myriad of hip-hop, rock, and funk influences that colored her 2011 mix tape “Little Warrior.’’ It was a memorable moment of arrival for a promising young talent whose path to success - despite passing through the Berklee College of Music - has been anything but predestined.