PODCAST: Student Yuning Song to Perform at Chinese New Year Festival

Kimberly Ashton
January 30, 2018
Student Yuning Song
Image courtesy of the artist

By the time Yuning Song entered Berklee last fall, he was already an award-winning composer who graduated from Beijing’s Central Conservatory of Music, a vocalist who had appeared on nationally televised talent shows such as Sing My Song and Duets, and a recording artist with his own album.

He’s now applying to the college’s electronic production and design major, all the while remaining active as a performer. On February 14, he will join a cappella group Pitch Slapped, Professor Dennis Montgomery, and three guest vocalists from China on the Berklee Performance Center stage as part of the sixth annual Chinese New Year Festival. The concert aims to bridge the gap between Western and Eastern music, and is presented by the Berklee Chinese Students and Scholars Association.

On this episode of Sounds of Berklee, we’ll listen to a track he wrote in Beijing in 2017 called “Zhong Zi,” or “Seed,” about a Chinese woman waiting for her husband to return from battle. In addition to composing the tune, Song sings lead vocals and plays guitar on it.

Produced by Kimberly Ashton
Engineered by Darcy Davis and Loren Dorland