PODCAST: Sounds of Berklee—Marko Djordjevic

Chandler Dalton and Darcy Davis
September 21, 2017
Marko Djordjevic, assistant professor of percussion at Berklee.

Assistant Professor Marko Djordjevic’s dynamic drumming springs from a combination of his Balkan musical roots and the Western artists who have influenced him, from Coltrane and Weather Report to Zappa and the Police.

On September 30, Djordjevic and his band, Sveti, will perform at the free, outdoor Berklee Beantown Jazz Festival on Columbus Avenue. In addition to Djordjevic and Sveti, the festival features many talented jazz artists who are pushing the boundaries of the genre.

In this episode of Sounds of Berklee, take a listen to one of Djordjevic’s projects called “Heart Bop,” performed with Des White on bass, Eli Degibri on saxophone, and Bobby Avey on piano. The song is vibrant and fluid, with each instrument bringing unique energy to the piece, and it shows why Blue Note recording artist Lionel Loueke calls Djordjevic “one of the greatest drummers out there. He possesses incredible technique, and a musical mind to match it! I love playing with him because he is so creative and unique!” 

Producer and Engineer: Darcy Davis
Cowritten by Chandler Dalton
Recorded at the BIRN studios