PODCAST: Inside Berklee—Emilien Moyon

Kimberly Ashton
November 29, 2016
Emilien Moyon, director of the global entertainment and music business graduate program at Berklee's international campus in Valencia, Spain
Tato Baeza

This October, Billboard magazine called Berklee one of the top music business schools in the world—one that is shaping the future of the music industry. Part of the reason for this recognition is Berklee’s leading-edge master’s degree program in global entertainment and music business at the college’s international campus in Valencia, Spain.

Emilien Moyon has been the director of the program since 2013, a year after it started. He’s led a program that heavily emphasizes entrepreneurship, the importance of taking risks, and being creative in innovation. 

“I like to tell them on the first days they arrive on campus that I don’t consider them students," Moyon says. "I already look at them as colleagues, partners in the same industry. And I think it’s really something they understand from the first day and they apply for the rest of their curriculum.”

In this episode of Inside Berklee, Moyon talks about how the program orients students toward entrepreneurship, why people who study abroad have an edge, and how students are able to develop connections with the impressive list of industry heavyweights who visit the campus.