The Groove: Favorite Music Apps of 2012

Caleb Hsu
January 9, 2013

The world today is a place where online newspapers are more popular by demand than sources printed in ink, and boarding passes, concert tickets, coupons and discount codes can be scanned directly from smartphones. Since the rise of smartphones and tablets, companies have been bustling to adapt their products to fit the shift in how society accesses information. A quick search of “music” in Apple’s App Store for iPhones alone yields nearly 3,000 results. For all you Android users out there, Amazon’s App Store yielded over 1,000 results under the same keyword.

Scrolling through the seemingly endless inventory of apps available may initially seem daunting. However, refining the search to your specific interests or goals while taking into consideration user ratings and popularity will help lessen the burden. I implore anyone interested in solidifying their understanding of music theory or just in discovering something new and exciting to explore what’s out there for musicians. I’ve compiled a short list of some of my favorite music apps of 2012 for mostly iOS devices not to further support the ever-growing Apple franchise, but simply because I’m a dedicated iPhone/iPad user. All of the following reviews are solely my opinion and none of the products were endorsed in any way.

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