The Groove: The Berklee Band That Didn’t Meet Until After Berklee, Lucius

Robbie Simmons
January 10, 2013
Photo by Peter Larson

Having seen Lucius once live and listened to their four-song EP (available on iTunes) an embarrassing number of times, I was experiencing a certain amount of fan-boy reverence as I climbed into their Ford Econoline. But upon entering the (surprisingly clean) van, I realized that this is simply a group of hard-working musicians doing what many (myself included) would refer to as “living the dream.” Sometimes groups like this can come off as “over it” or underwhelmed or bitter in some way, but not an ounce of negativity came out of Lucius during the hour or so I spent with them.

And so, after helping them load their gear into the venue, Lucius – which consists of co-lead vocalists/multi-instrumentalists Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig, guitarists Pete Lalish and Andy Burri, and percussionist Danny Molad – and I sat down in the dressing room (Indian-style, on the floor, in a circle) and discussed the past, present and future of the band.

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