Slideshow: Berklee Musicians Perform Around Boston in Free Summer Concerts

Salim ALi
July 12, 2017
Aliya Cycon Entertaining the Boston Public Library
Alex Olsen plays piano at Brewer Plaza
Gabby Cotter Sings at The Steps
Marco Mares plays guitar and sings at the Boston Public Library
Stephanie James sings at the Boston Public Market
Yosuke Soeda Plays piano at Brewer Plaza
MARO and her band play at the Boston Public Library
Briana Washington Plays piano at Brewer Plaza
Hari Kim plays piano at Brewer Plaza
MIXCLA plays at Brewer plaza
With her oud in hand, Aliya Cycon B.M. '16 performs compositions reflecting the Arabic music stylings and the diversity of her multicultural ensemble, the Aliya Cycon Project. Cycon and her bandmates filled the courtyard at the Boston Public Library with many people and lots of microtonal melodies. Look out for her new album coming in August.
A young and experienced master of his craft, jazz pianist and improvisationist Alex Olsen B.M. '17 has stage credits alongside Wynton Marsalis, the Boston Symphony Orchestra, and more. He recently performed in the fountain area of the Boston Common.
Panamanian vocalist Gaby Cotter delivers each song with presence and precision. She performed on Washington Street, near the Park Street T station, with a sassy set along with her jazz quartet.
Mexico City native Marcos Mares B.M. '17 crafts songs displaying the seams of his life experiences. With infectious melodies giving voice to feelings that transcend language barriers, he has spent several weeks on Spotify’s Top 50 Viral Playlist for Peru and Mexico.
With a danceable, playful sound, alumna Stephanie James performed for shoppers in Boston Public Market.
Yosuke Soeda B.M. '17 composes refreshing jazz pieces that sit in the the realm of his mentors; he has studied with the likes of Greg Hopkins, Ayn Inserto, Bob Pilkington and more. At a recent performance at Brewer Plaza, he tapped into jazz standards.
Berklee student MARO, who performed at the Boston Public Library with her band, hails from Lisbon, Portugal. She brings a blend of Portuguese grooves, odd meters, and guitar accompaniment.
Hailing from Oakland, California, pianist, keyboardist, singer, and composer Briana Washington blended thoughtful chords and rich vocals at Brewer Plaza. Look for her new EP, coming out in August.
South Korean pianist Hari Kim B.M. '17 is inspired by mentors in the Global Jazz Institute such as Danilo Pérez, Joe Lovano, and Terri Lyne Carrington. She brought a graceful mix of classical and jazz to a recent set at Brewer Plaza.
Latin jazz trio MIXCLA (pronounced "meesh-clah"), featuring Zahili Gonzalez Zamora B.M. '17, Gerson Esteban Lazo Quiroga, and Takafumi Nikaido B.M. '16, performed at Brewer Plaza.
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Berklee's free Summer in the City concert series offers more than 400 authentic live music experiences, encapsulating the many cultures and musical stylings of Berklee students and alumni. From jazz and Arabic fusion to Latin pop and hip-hop, Boston area concertgoers can experience one or many of these serenades at venues located all over the area, from the waterfront to Wakefield and Spectacle Island to Salem, among others.

This slideshow offers a glimpse at only a few of the performances from the month of June. There are hundreds more performances still to come, culminating in the star-studded Berklee Beantown Jazz Festival on September 30. We invite you to get out and enjoy the hot days of summer, scored by Berklee students and graduates.