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PODCAST: Inside Berklee—Kenny Werner

January 12, 2016

In this edition of Inside Berklee, Kenny Werner, artistic director of Berklee's Effortless Mastery Institute, discusses how musicians can learn to play from the deepest parts of themselves and rediscover their connection to the music.

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C-SPAN: Communicators with Allen Bargfrede

January 7, 2016

Allen Bargfrede, director of Rethink Music, discusses the Fair Music report and payment streams in the music industry.

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Boston Magazine: How to Make the Most Effective Workout Playlist Possible

November 23, 2015

Do the same old tunes in your workout playlist inspire or tire you? Sharon Broadley-Martin, professor of contemporary music writing and production, says the trick is in how you sequence the songs.  

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J. Curtis Warner Jr. Named Head of Community and Government Relations

October 26, 2015

J. Curtis Warner Jr. has been named to lead Berklee's new Office of Community and Government Relations as associate vice president. 

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New York Times: For Free Songs, Video Trumps Audio

September 23, 2015

BerkleeICE and Rethink Music's Allen Bargfrede weighs in on why Youtube is still the most popular music streaming site.

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WBUR: What Will The Music of The Future Sound Like?

September 14, 2015

BerkleeICE's Panos Panay was interviewed by WBUR in a quest to find out what music will sound like in the future.

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Javier Limón Appointed to Spanish National Council of Performing Arts and Music

August 19, 2015

Javier Limón, the artistic director of the Mediterranean Music Institute and Berklee Latino, has been officially appointed a member of the Spanish National Council of Performing Arts and Music. His role will be to represent the Spanish music industry.

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PODCAST: Inside Berklee—Larry Watson

August 3, 2015

Larry Watson talks about his work at Harvard, the resilient messages of African-American music, and the power of shedding light on secrets.

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PODCAST: Sean Jones

July 31, 2015

Listen to a track from the latest release issued by Berklee's brass chair.

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Professor Bill Elliott Wins Tony Award for Hit Broadway Musical

July 17, 2015

Bill Elliott, a professor in Berklee's Contemporary Writing and Production Department, won a Tony Award this June for his orchestration work on An American in Paris.

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USA Today: BerkleeICE Tackles Employment Blues

July 2, 2015

USA Today speaks to Panos Panay, BerkleeICE founding managing director, about what the future holds for music graduates.

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Neil Leonard, artistic director of the Berklee Interdisciplinary Arts Institute

Neil Leonard: Interdisciplinary Curiosity in Motion

June 5, 2015

Berklee Interdisciplinary Arts Institute artistic director Neil Leonard doesn’t miss an opportunity to embark on—and learn from—new interdisciplinary adventures.

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Berklee Press Receives International Book Award

June 1, 2015

USA Book News recently recognized Berklee Press in the 2015 International Book Awards, with four titles receiving honors.

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Berklee Receives UPCEA’s Strategic Innovation in Online Education Award

May 22, 2015

Berklee was honored by the University Professional and Continuing Education Association (UPCEA) at its 100th annual conference in Washington, D.C.

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All Songs Considered: Why We Like the Music We Like

May 8, 2015

NPR's All Songs Considered held a listening party at Berklee on April 22. The evening, held at the Red Room at Cafe 939, featured a panel of guests including Susan Rogers, associate professor of music production and engineering.

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Professor Chrissy Tignor-Fisher

PODCAST: Inside Berklee—Chrissy Tignor-Fisher

May 4, 2015

Chrissy Tignor-Fisher, assistant professor of contemporary writing and production, is a producer, engineer, songwriter, and remix artist, often producing in the pop/EDM genres under the name Data Child.

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TEDx Berklee Valencia Interviews Panos Panay

April 23, 2015

TEDx Berklee Valencia catches up with BerkleeICE founder and managing director, Panos Panay, a year after he spoke at the inaugural Valencia TEDx event in 2014.

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NPR's On Point: Music Business/Management's John Kellogg Discusses "Blurred Lines" Verdict

April 8, 2015

John Kellogg, assistant chair of Music Business/Management, joined a panel of guests to discuss the impact of the "Blurred Lines" verdict. 

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Calestous Juma, Bonnie Hayes, and Jane Kondev

Creative Catalyst Panelists Find Connecting Art, Science, and Entrepreneurship Is in Our DNA

April 7, 2015

The Berklee Institute for Creative Entrepreneurship’s (BerkleeICE) inaugural Creative Catalyst event brought together world-renowned scientists and Berklee chairs to discuss the commonalities between art, science, and the entrepreneurial mind.

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Digital Trends: BerkleeICE and Research Driven Change

April 7, 2015

Digital Trends recently spoke with Panos Panay to explore the aims of BerkleeICE and how the institute can evolve to promote change in the music industry. 

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