Composer Alfons Conde to join the roster of guests at the International Film Music Festival “Provincia de Córdoba”.

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May 25, 2013
Press release



Composer Alfons Conde to join the roster of guests at the International Film Music Festival “Provincia de Córdoba”. Conde is the author of film scores such as “The Dark Hour”, “No-Do” or 'Viento en Contra”, and he is also professor at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Valencia.


    The Festival, which focuses on cinema and audiovisual music, and is to be held from 23rd to 29th of June, has confirmed the presence of great masters of film music, such as Academy Award winner Mychael Danna, William Ross, Rachel Portman or Roque Baños, among others.


    The new guest now revealed is part of the roster of Spanish composers and conductors who will attend Cordoba, like Baños, Nani García, Zacarías de la Riva or Arturo Diez Boscovich.


    Alfons Conde is a composer, musician and faculty at Berklee School of Music in Valencia, Born in Barcelona, Conde began at the city's Conservatory his Piano and Harmony studies, which he would later alternate with Jazz studies at the Taller de Músics jazz school and private Harmony studies with Lluís Vergés. At the beginning of his career he also worked both as production assistant in Televisió de Catalunya and as a pianist/keyboardist on different bands and projects, such as Dagoll Dagom’s musical Flor de Nit. In 1994 he moved to Los Angeles, CA, where he graduated in Film Scoring at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA). Recognition in the field of composition includes: double finalist at the XX Concours International de Themes de Jazz de Monaco (1991), Prize awarded at the Concurs de Joves Compositors de la Generalitat de Catalunya (1993), Grant of the Private Music Schools Association (1996), Prize awarded at the SGAE Jazz Composition Competition, ASCAP Film Scoring Seminar (Hollywood, 1998).


   Conde has written music for a diversity of ensembles ­soloists, chamber, orchestra­ as well as for TV, has collaborated in the soundtracks of the feature films The Phantom and The Stupids, and has been the orchestral proofreader for projects such as S. Spielberg ́s Casper­The TV Series and Toonsylvania, numerous Disney productions, etc. He has composed the soundtrack for such films as the multi­awarded short Home Delivery(introduced by Guillermo del Toro), and the feature films Excuses! (Joel Joan), The Abandoned, (Nacho Cerdà ­ Filmax), The Dark Hour (Elio Quiroga ­ Eqlipse), The Beckoning (No­Do) (Elio Quiroga ­ Eqlipse) or Viento en Contra (Walter Doehner). On Advertising he has worked with many agencies worldwide, in a variety of music styles and as a sound designer, since 1997 ­­the year that he created his company The Music Chamber, already extinct.


On the 2007 season, the NY­ based prestigious chamber ensemble Emerson String Quartet premiered his work Color Of Time" String Quartet n. 1 in Valladolid. The piece was performed again by the Emersons at the Palau de la Música in 2008.


Alfons Conde, whose attendance of the Festival in 2009 –held in Úbeda– was a great success, is the former head of the Film Scoring Program at the Taller de Músics, and member of the Spanish Society of Authors and Editors SGAE (both as author and editor), the Performers and Executants Association AIE, the Catalan Film Academy and the Spanish Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences.