Get to Know Berklee's New Center for Campus Life

Rosemary Dowling, Director of Campus Life
October 29, 2019

The new center at 150 Massachusetts Avenue offers community spaces, events and activities, and expanded services for students.

Image by Adam Ridhwan
Image by Adam Ridhwan
Image by Adam Ridhwan
Image by Adam Ridhwan

This fall brought the usual crop of changing leaves and new students to Boston, but it also brought a big change to Berklee’s campus. Several student-focused departments and offices moved from assorted locations to the lower level of 150 Massachusetts Avenue, becoming the new Center for Campus Life (CCL).

Here are five things to know about the CCL:

1. As they say in the real estate business: location, location, location.

After the opening of 160 Massachusetts Avenue and the merger of Berklee College of Music and Boston Conservatory, it made sense to move these student services closer to the literal center of campus. Students can stop by on their way to the dining hall or between classes. The Massachusetts Avenue buildings can be a bit confusing, and the Campus Life team helps new students find their way. We tried to redistribute spaces and equipment so nothing was completely lost: For example, the student printers have moved to a new home. We also utilized different furniture to make sure we didn’t lose any seating. And we got creative with where we placed new offices.

2. We’re here to help students thrive. 

That goes beyond the space: the Campus Life team is continuing their great work with student clubs and orientation programs. Plus, we’re debuting new fun late-night programming, helping students transition between semesters and years, and building current and new traditions on campus. Want to make friends? Trying to get involved? Want to sharpen your leadership or communication skills? Want to help plan a fun and engaging event? Stop by and talk to any member of the team.

3. The new space was designed with commuter students in mind.

Many of our off-campus students spend the majority of their days on campus. The three lounge spaces in the new center include a space for students to have fun and engage with each other (the pool table and board games lounge), a place to sit and eat lunch or dinner (the downstairs lounge), and a place to close their eyes, work on a project, or meditate (the quiet lounge). These lounges are all open and functioning, but they are not finished yet. We want to see how the spaces are being used and get a sense of the needs for each one before investing in new furniture and/or activities. The only exception to this was giant beanbags for the quiet lounge. We already knew those would be needed, and they’re very popular!

4. The center is home to the Campus Life team: Student Involvement, New Student and Family Programs, and Mingus the Jazz Cat.

At the new navigation desk, you can find our Campus Life assistants, student employees who help answer their fellow students’ questions. They also sell discounted tickets to select sporting events, concerts, and theater shows, as well as the ever-popular discounted movie tickets. The CCL space also houses Berklee’s Student Government Association, Caf Shows, and the Berklee Groove, Berklee’s student newspaper.

5. Our new space means new services for students.

The new space has allowed the Center for Student Advising and Success to expand. We’ve got a new testing center, space for academic coaching, and a home base for the team in Disability Services. Additionally, the lounge space was redesigned to create a quiet place to study or take a break.