Berklee Increases Financial Aid by $1 Million

December 18, 2012
Press release

Berklee College of Music will commit $1 million to support students and their families through a new Achievement Grant program, as well as $350,000 for the Berklee Achievement Scholarship and additional scholarships and grants. This new plan is designed to extend financial assistance to a larger group of students and to simplify the application process for financial aid. 

Achievement Grants are increases in aid awarded to students with institutional scholarships and grants that augment annual financial aid packages. The new program will incentivize students, based on their achievement and financial need, to complete their education at Berklee. Students with Berklee aid who earn a minimum cumulative grade point average equal to or greater than 3.0 and also demonstrate financial need may qualify for tiered increases in aid for their second, third, and fourth years at Berklee.  

The college will also increase the budget for the Berklee Achievement Scholarship by $100,000, which will create more aid for continuing students who do not have a scholarship. Berklee is also committing more than $250,000 in grants next year to assist students whose families have had serious changes in their finances. With these new increases in aid, the college will impact more than 1,000 students, or approximately one quarter of the student population.