Berklee Forms Affiliations with Chinese Institutions in Beijing, Guangzhou, and Shanghai

Liz Lupton
December 20, 2013
Press release
Berklee Vice President of Enrollment Mark Campbell, Shanghai Conservatory of Music President XU Shuya, Berklee President Roger H. Brown, Shanghai Conservatory of Music Vice President ZHANG Xianping, and Berklee Senior Vice President for Innovation Strategy & Technology David Mash.
Courtesy Shanghai Conservatory of Music.

Berklee College of Music announces new affiliations with three Chinese institutions: Communication University of China, Beijing; Shanghai Conservatory of Music, Shanghai; and Xinghai Conservatory of Music, Guangzhou. During the first half of December, Berklee signed memoranda of understanding with each school, which will pave the way for exploring opportunities to share information, to organize short-term exchange programs, and to support each other’s outreach efforts in the United States and China. Early conversations with each school explored possibilities ranging from student and faculty exchange, summer programs, music technology projects, and possible graduate study collaborations. Berklee also joined the International League of Higher Education in Media and Communication (MLeague), a global alliance of more than 65 universities based at Communication University of China.

“We are honored to be affiliated with these three leading institutions. Each brings something unique to the table,” said Berklee president Roger H. Brown. “Like Berklee, Shanghai Conservatory of Music has long incorporated jazz as part of its curriculum, while Xinghai Conservatory of Music’s forward-thinking curriculum often mirrors Berklee’s multi-genre approach. The relationship between Berklee and the Communication University of China, known for preparing students for careers in broadcast entertainment, is based on the intersection of common interests, such as film, production, sound design, and the thesis that visual media and music will be ever more entwined.”

At the core of its mission, Berklee aims to enable students to employ their musical education in a global society. Berklee provides a global learning environment for its students, who come from nearly 100 countries, and encourages them to apply music for the enrichment of society and intercultural understanding. With these new affiliations formed, Berklee looks forward to further exploring ways to collaborate with these institutions and enriching our students’ experiences.


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