Berklee Announces 2014-2015 Tuition and Fees

Richard M. Hisey
June 3, 2014

To the Berklee community:

The Berklee College of Music Board of Trustees has approved a 3.5% increase in tuition and fees and a 1.0% increase in room and board fees for an average overall increase of 2.7% in tuition, room and board, and mandatory fees for the 2014-15 academic year.

“Berklee’s board is firmly committed to finding creative ways to make a Berklee education more affordable and accessible, such as articulation agreements with other like-minded institutions, credit by exam, online course options and, of course, keeping the rate of tuition growth as low as possible,” said president Roger H. Brown. Berklee’s tuition increase for the 2013-14 academic year was 0.8 percentage points lower than the 3.8% average increase for private colleges reported by the College Board. Comparative information for the coming academic year is not yet available.

Tuition rates and financial aid

Undergraduate tuition for the 2014-15 academic year will be $37,800, an increase of $1,286 over the current year’s tuition rate. Total tuition, room and board, and mandatory fees next year will increase to $56,282, a 2.7% increase over the current year.

Board members also reaffirmed their efforts toward increased affordability through new commitments for financial aid. For the 2015 fiscal year, Berklee is targeting over $40 million for scholarships and financial aid, an 11% percent increase over the current fiscal year.

“Lower tuition increases are just one part of our multi-year strategy to address affordability,” said President Brown.  “Increasing scholarship support is also critical and we are pleased to be able to increase such support next year. I am committed to continuing to expand the support we offer our students, and our Soundbreaking Campaign launching on June 12, 2014 will target half of all funds raised for the expansion of scholarships and financial aid.”  

Complete details on the costs to attend Berklee can be found on the tuition page.


Richard M. Hisey
Chief Financial Officer
Senior Vice President of Administration and Finance
Berklee College of Music