Alum Profile: Jonathan Screnci

May 6, 2013
Ken Howard

The Groove was invited to attend the Blue Man Group College Media Night, and we were shocked to find out just how many Blue Men–both musicians and employees–were Berklee alumni. We were fortunate enough to score an interview with Jonathan Screnci, Blue Man Group’s general manager (and former drummer/band captain), in between his insanely busy schedule. Below, Screnci tells us about the journey that led him to where he is today, and what it takes to be hired in the entertainment industry. He also gives us an inside look at what his day-to-day duties as a manager of a bunch of blue people is like (as it turns out, it's anything but routine).

Screnci says best thing about his typical workday is the sheer variety. There is, of course, the primary responsibility of ensuring that each show goes up as scheduled and that the performance and the overall quality of the experience for the audience is the absolute best it can be.