All-Alumni band VELVET STYLUS takes home Urban Music Award

April 22, 2008

VELVET STYLUS was voted BEST R&B GROUP for thel BOSTON URBAN MUSIC AWARDS out of over twenty nominees. The group performs regularly in Boston and has backed national Hip-Hop artists DRE ROBINSON and the legendary West Coast Artist MEDUSA.

The band is featured on the SOULKORE booking roster alongside Hip-Hop luminaries as CHIP FU, LADY OF RAGE, and DJ TONY TONE of COLD CRUSH BROTHERS. Velvet Stylus is vocalist DARCIE-NICOLE WICKNICK '01, keyboardist JAMES AUBURN (TOOTLE) '97, drummer TONY PORTER '99, and bassist JAY PROKORYM '98.

Velvet Stylus plans to release its first single INSIDE YOUR MIND in the summer.